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Distributed cloud computing: secure, powerful and environmentally friendly technology

Blockchain-backed distributed cloud computing is one of the most powerful and secure technologies to push computing capabilities to new limits. Through its application, many problems related to the scarcity of physical hardware are solved, while it is completely friendly to the environment.

How Distributed Cloud Computing Works

Distributed cloud computing is a very interesting concept, as it is based on the idea of ​​using computing capabilities in a decentralized manner. In this way, the need to acquire physical hardware to be able to carry out the computer procedures is eliminated. This type of model allows large-scale data processing in an unprecedented way.

For cases where large volumes of data need to be processed, Cudos presents us a completely efficient solution. This model takes advantage of the “underused” technical capabilities in the devices, to provide a network ecosystem that allows them to be used for other purposes. In this way, a benefit is achieved for the different parties involved.

On the one hand we have companies that need to run applications or process data, and on the other we have a large number of devices in the world that waste their capabilities. Thanks to Cudos, it is possible to contract the necessary technical quotas for those devices that are not in use, according to the requirements that are demanded at the moment.

Speed and reduced costs

One of the greatest advantages that this model grants is providing great speed through the network infrastructure. By not having to constantly update the hardware parts, the service can be improved, thus increasing the technical capabilities that are required. Being able to have a speed in accordance with the procedures is crucial in many areas related to research and large volumes of data for analysis.

Another of the characteristics that this type of approach offers us is related to the reduction of operating costs. Instead of making large investments, companies simply contract the service according to their needs, which represents a considerable increase in their profits. At the same time, there is a mutual benefit, since people receive a consideration for providing their capacity to the network, through their devices that they are not fully using.

Safe and environmentally friendly technology

In addition to all the benefits that we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, this technology is very secure in its application, thanks to the fact that it works with blockchain support. This makes it possible to guarantee the operation of the systems and the processing of the data, since it is practically incorruptible. On the other hand, by keeping in mind the information within the blockchain, you can track what is happening at all times.

It is very important to note that all this infrastructure is friendly to the environment for several reasons. Mainly, by reducing the amount of physical hardware, polluting emissions are reduced, as well as computer waste. For this reason, the ecological impact is reduced, allowing the application of a powerful and practically pollution-free technology.

Cudos offers a new way of considering the use of decentralized networks, providing tools for the emergence of disruptive projects. We are still at an early stage, but we hope to see all of this up and running very soon with the launch of their mainnet.


Distributed computing in the cloud presents us with a powerful, secure and environmentally friendly technology. This new concept opens the door to disruptive and efficient developments. Cudos presents its model with blockchain support, which is very promising, thanks to the characteristics that this gives it, becoming a beneficial option for all the participating parties.

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