cudos armstrong testnet

Cudos prepares for the launch of its mainnet

Currently, the process is being developed in stages of the Cudos incentivized test network, called the Artemis project. With the recent launch of its phase 3, developers are allowed to earn rewards for completing tasks, in order to pave the way to the main network (Mainnet).

Path to the mainnet 

The path to the main network of a blockchain is not easy, since several parameters must be adjusted in order to identify and correct critical issues. Cudos has established a phased process for its incentivized testnet through which it awards rewards to participants. In this way, the developers who collaborate with the construction of the foundations for this blockchain, are rewarded for it.

Through the different phases of the Artemis project, various mechanisms that have to do with the network infrastructure have been articulated to date. In this way, participants have the possibility to test their projects in Cudos, while collaborating in the correction of errors, with a view to launching the mainnet. Although initially these procedures were in charge of technical professionals, as they have gone through the different stages, they have been giving a greater openness to external developers.

These procedures undoubtedly pave the way towards building a robust backbone, which will enjoy the benefits of being tested by its incentivized test network. This issue stimulates development on the Cudos platform, at the same time that it grants a higher level of participation so that projects can be adjusted to perfection from the construction of their bases.

A collective construction

As seen through its actions, Cudos plans that the construction of its infrastructure and community be carried out collectively. To achieve this objective, the possibility of testing projects of different kinds is being offered, so that they can be correctly adjusted for their final launch on the main network.

This collective construction project is bearing fruit, as evidenced by the success of the first two phases of the incentivized test network. The third phase, called “Armstrong”, will not only provide the possibility for developers to obtain rewards for carrying out tasks, but will also serve as a parameter, in order to subject the network infrastructure to a series of tests that demonstrate the support of the same.

Undoubtedly, these procedures are more than necessary to be able to obtain a network that has the necessary security characteristics, and that the projects to be deployed can be nurtured from them. Security in a network of this type is essential, since it is necessary to ensure the necessary levels to be able to guarantee the correct operation of the entire infrastructure, before launching the main network.

Launch of the mainnet

These types of launches can be scheduled but dates cannot be guaranteed, because for this to happen, the test stages must be successfully completed. At the moment the launch of the mainnet is closer than is believed, since it is announced for the beginning of next year. To a large extent, whether or not this can be accomplished will depend on the progress made in the present stages that make up the incentivized test network.

However, this issue is really positive. For a network to have the necessary quality parameters, it must be adjusted to the maximum point. Cudos, through its incentivized test network, is achieving these goals, and that is why the mainnet is very close to seeing the light of day. We can affirm that when this launch occurs, there will be no room for critical errors, being very promising for all the developments to be carried out on the platform.

Giving developers the ability to test a network from the ground up is not something that all platforms facilitate. Generally, this type of process is done in private, but with the recent phases of the Artemis project, Cudos is giving a very wide possibility of participation to developers from all over the world. We hope that the objectives will continue to be met successfully, to soon experience a new era in the life of the Cudos network.


The testing phases are very important for the life of a blockchain network, and with the development of the Artemis project, Cudos takes a step further, allowing the participation of developers from all over the planet. The main network is announced for early next year, for which it is on the right track, thanks to the success so far of the first two stages of its incentivized test network.

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