CUDOS cloud computing

Business Benefits of Distributed Cloud Computing Offered by CUDOS

Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits that businesses can gain from distributed cloud computing. Through the analysis of important characteristics in the topics that we will see, we will detail the main solutions provided by CUDOS for the development of projects.

Operating costs

Costs are a fundamental issue considered by companies when developing a project, that is why, by using CUDOS distributed cloud computing, they can obtain a significant reduction in them. Through the use of this methodology, underused equipment is used through the network to distribute that computing capacity to companies that require a certain quota.

Here the benefit is mutual, since the people who contribute their capacity to the network obtain rewards for it, and on the other hand, the companies can contract computational fees for the development of processes, for a sum much less than what they should pay, if they should invest in equipment for those purposes. As we can see, this represents a more than important point when considering costs.

If a company buys physical hardware to carry out computing processes, in addition, over time, it should re-invest in expanding those equipment as more computing capacity is required, on the other hand, through distributed computing in the cloud, it can go hiring the exact requirements that are needed as the business expands, without having to spend considerable sums of money at the beginning of a project, being able to adjust the parameters as it develops.


Distributed cloud computing presents efficient speed parameters, as it is developed in a blockchain environment, information flows almost instantly and correctly. By using computing capacity in a distributed manner, the quota can always be increased in case a higher speed is required, so the whole process is fully adaptable to the businesses or operations that are being developed.

The next-generation blockchain protocols have successfully solved the issues related to speed in terms of transactions, which is why the cloud computing application is currently a totally viable option for companies to develop their operations. with levels of speed even higher than those that could be obtained with physical equipment, and at fractions of the cost that an investment of this type would take.

The speed of operations is a more than important issue for companies, given that currently all processes have been systematized, and smart solutions are required so that everything flows correctly. The distributed computing in the CUDOS cloud has arrived precisely to provide benefits in this regard, allowing blockchain operations to be developed as if they had physical equipment, but taking advantage of the underutilization of other users, with the additional advantages that this type of technology presents us.


Currently all companies use computer media and systems for the development of their businesses, which is why the issue of security is of primary importance in terms of data and information management. The distributed computing in the CUDOS cloud is endowed with the characteristics that blockchain technology offers, which makes it totally secure when developing operations, being backed by the use of blockchain.

In recent times, the handling of sensitive data by companies has grown exponentially, given that the level of information that is used in a digitized way is increasing. As a result of these issues, companies must increasingly articulate means to expand their security measures in the handling of information, a situation that often entails making large investments, but by using technologies such as CUDOS, costs can be reduced, however, obtaining more than adequate levels of security, when using blockchain.

Cybercriminals more frequently carry out sustained attacks on business systems in order to illicitly obtain information or money. That is why blockchain technology has come to prevent many of these situations, since the blockchain is practically incorruptible, so the data that circulates there is safe from falling into the wrong hands with greater security than in other types of technologies. If a corruptible event occurs, the chain would be cut, invalidating the malicious block, that is why solutions such as CUDOS are suitable for countless projects around the world.


As we can see, companies can make huge profits by using CUDOS distributed cloud computing. Mainly this type of technology allows to reduce operating costs, but without neglecting extremely important issues, such as the speed and security of data and sensitive information. We are sure that these types of tools are the ones that will allow a higher level of project development around the world, which will provide intelligent solutions for their communities.

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