Cudos Big Data

How «CUDOS» could be used for processing large volumes of data

The potential of the distributed computing network in the CUDOS cloud is enormous, in this article, we will analyze the possibility of using this capacity for the processing of large amounts of data. 

The data: the new gold

There is no doubt that data is the new gold. For any type of operation that we want to carry out today, the data plays a fundamental role, that is why it is necessary to look for alternatives for its processing, since with the passing of the seconds, these grow more and more. For this type of problem, cloud computing is the ideal option.

Circulating information is very important, since the vast majority are personal data, therefore, an adequate security framework is necessary, which guarantees its correct processing, so that these do not fall into the wrong hands. It is here where the benefits of CUDOS play a fundamental role, because its entire platform is based on blockchain, with its corresponding support.

The current problem is that the data is being stored centrally, that is, by proprietary servers belonging to large corporations, with the security dangers that this entails. We do not know exactly what happens to our information. To remedy this, blockchain-based distributed cloud computing bestows a new paradigm.

Blockchain: its importance for data processing

When we talk about blockchain, we refer to next-generation decentralized networks, which allow information to be stored on their blockchain as if it were a large database. The advantage of this type of system is that by being decentralized, we can have greater guarantees that our data has not been modified or manipulated.

In this way, through the model proposed by CUDOS, we can carry out a real verification of our information, even when it is being used by the government, and in this way make sure that the objective for which they were provided is met, without being used with another different purpose. Another important issue from a security point of view is that these types of networks are practically incorruptible.

Although there have been cases of hacks and thefts within the blockchain universe, most of them have been attributed to human errors or traps in which users have fallen by cybercriminals, because we must not forget that as in all areas there are risks, but these are much smaller than in the systems that are used today, for which we must have some peace of mind. 

Process data thanks to the CUDOS network

With the potential of the CUDOS network, data could be easily processed thanks to its distributed computing in the cloud, even when we are talking about high volumes of data. This is so, since this blockchain allows to contract capacity quotas based on real requirements, which means that we can increase or decrease, according to the needs of the moment.

As a result, it is a valid approach to be used even by government entities, since even operating costs are drastically reduced by not having to constantly spend on physical equipment (hardware), or licenses, for the simple fact that the capacity to use is distributed, through the contribution made by underused teams of users throughout the world, for which they receive a reward. Thanks to this, public spending would be reduced.

Another field where this is of vital importance is in the scientific or medical field, since normally a large amount of critical data must be analyzed, in order to study them in order to draw conclusions about certain diseases or for the efficient development of new medicine. In these cases, the added value provided by CUDOS is unprecedented.


The CUDOS network has enormous potential for the development of use cases that include large data processing, in order to be used by various areas or entities. Recently, with the launch of its public «Testnet», the possibility has been opened to test and fine-tune this type of project, which will undoubtedly contribute to shaping a better and more equitable world, with greater computer security parameters.

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