CUDOS Blockchain Cloud System

Blockchain-based systems deployed on the CUDOS cloud: accessibility, speed and security

CUDOS cloud computing will bring great benefits for the development of blockchain-based systems, providing them with unparalleled features, since this type of application will have unprecedented accessibility, high speed and a unique security framework.

New generation systems 

Currently cloud services are on the rise, since this type of environment allows access to systems regardless of the physical place where you are, since they are remotely hosted applications, therefore, the user only needs to have a device and internet connection to have access. In this way, the borders that make it difficult to enter a certain platform are being drastically reduced.

This type of platform entails great benefits for both companies and users, because they eliminate the need to acquire physical hardware with large computing capacities, and with it a drastic reduction in costs, since all procedures are performed in the cloud, providing extensive solutions to run systems remotely, without requiring powerful devices for this purpose in person.

The drawback that this model presents is that it is developed centrally through servers, owned by large corporations, which brings with it endless problems, including those related to security, and on the other hand, operating costs for that this structure expands are very high. In response to this, CUDOS has developed a blockchain-based cloud distributed computing platform that solves the current impediments.

Model developed by CUDOS

The infrastructure developed by CUDOS to provide distributed computing in the cloud, contains all the security guarantees granted by blockchain, allowing to drastically solve current problems so that all types of systems can be deployed under this modality. In this way, large projects that require large volumes of computing capacity can be executed without problem, making use of the requirements they demand.

To carry out this model, companies can contract «quotas» of computational capacity, so that they are adapted to the technical needs that are required. In this way, as more requirements are needed, that quota can be increased, while it can be reduced if certain computing processes are not required, for example, in certain periods of time.

In this way, companies will reduce their operating costs considerably, since they will not need to constantly invest in physical hardware, but instead directly contract the requirements they need at the exact moment. All network capacity is acquired from underused devices by users around the world, who in turn receive compensation for being part of the infrastructure on the blockchain.

Unique possibilities

As we can imagine, this new model of distributed computing in the cloud proposed by CUDOS offers great possibilities for the development of systems in a completely decentralized way. One of the most important and practical edges is that of accessibility, offering the possibility of accessing the systems regardless of where the user is. On the other hand, in terms of technical and storage capacities, it will no longer be necessary to acquire such powerful devices, since the execution will be carried out in the cloud, through blockchain backup.

Another important issue is that of speed. At present, practically all the data is digitized, for which a great computational speed is required to be able to access the information efficiently, an issue that under a classical computing perspective, will become practically impossible in a short time, due to the fact that you would need to expand the physical hardware in very short periods of time. On the other hand, CUDOS offers the possibility of updating requirements quickly and at the right time, without unnecessary investments.

Finally, we find the fundamental issue for the development and efficiency in data processing: security. For any system to be fully functional and scalable, it must have a secure framework that guarantees the correct treatment of the information. Blockchain technology, in combination with distributed computing in the cloud, offers the ideal fusion for the development and maintenance of computer systems, guaranteeing their incorruptibility, while efficiently ensuring all data traffic.


We can see at present that developments in the cloud are booming, but we warn that there are several drawbacks that need to be solved so that its use can be expanded. The model proposed by CUDOS offers a distributed computing solution in the cloud using blockchain, which generates the ideal framework for the deployment of computer systems, reducing operating costs, while granting greater accessibility to users, optimal levels of speed and unmatched security.

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