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Positive aspects of blockchain-backed distributed cloud computing

The distributed computing model in the cloud supported by blockchain offers great benefits that can be used by multiple companies for the traffic and treatment of data, in an unprecedented way, with an unmatched security framework and a level of efficiency higher than that of current systems. 

The problem of technical capacity in business expansion

One of the first problems that companies are facing today is that of the technical capacity of the systems, in cases where there is an expansion of their production and demand. In these stages, the investments that have to be made in physical hardware are often disproportionate, triggering operating costs in a way that is difficult to afford.

In response to this, CUDOS is introducing its “distributed cloud computing” model, which contributes to cost reduction by not having to make constant large investments in physical hardware to increase processing capacity. This approach uses the «underused» capacity of participating users, which contributes to providing potential to the entire network infrastructure, so that later it can be contracted «in installments», according to the requirements of the moment.

Another important point that allows this approach, is to be able to increase or decrease the capacity according to the needs of the moment by the companies, therefore, they can easily calculate the costs of the service, in addition to saving on the purchase of hardware, which then in case of lowering the requirements of the technical capacities does not entail any type of economic return, on the contrary, avoids an unnecessary expenditure of resources. 

Possibility of remotely accessing content

Another benefit that distributed computing in the CUDOS cloud offers is to be able to access the content remotely, regardless of the physical location in which the user is, therefore, it is possible to contemplate a business model of work with a completely decentralized action. In this way, the different users who are members of the team can have access to all the data in an optimal way and even remotely. 

This new approach offers multiple advantages over classic systems, since the information and content are no longer found locally, but everything is stored in the cloud, therefore, it can be accessed from anywhere and regardless of the technical capabilities of the device from which you are accessing, since all requirements are solved remotely and decentralized.

In this way, this new model not only provides broad advantages for companies, but also opens the way for a new work paradigm, where decentralization can be used in an efficient way, and tasks can be carried out remotely by people in different locations, to later converge on a common path, in order to complete a completely fluid production process.

Computer security in blockchain systems

One of the great qualities that this new technology brings to cloud computing systems is an unmatched security support, never before seen in other types of architectures. Through blockchain, security rules are configured much higher than any other type of platform used today, because blockchains are practically incorruptible and the data stored in them cannot be modified.

This provides a guaranteed security framework, whereby sensitive data and content can be deployed over the cloud in an unparalleled way, with the peace of mind that nothing entered or stored could have been manipulated maliciously. From the point of view of computer security, this constitutes extra guarantees of the highest level for the treatment and traffic of information.

A blockchain bases its operation on the protocol under which it was developed, therefore, in the case of CUDOS we are in the presence of a high-quality technical development and extensive security parameters. If a malicious user wanted to access the stored information, the network would perform a node consensus through the “validator nodes” and in the event that they detect unusual activity in any of them, the chain would break, thus those operations would be invalidated.


As we can see, the distributed computing in the CUDOS cloud offers extensive features to give greater efficiency to the tasks carried out by companies. There is a new paradigm, in which it is necessary to have tools that contribute to reducing costs, but offering efficient solutions with a great security framework, issues that CUDOS develops optimally.

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