Blockchain Cloud Data Storage

Blockchain Utilities for Data Processing in the Cloud

Data is the new gold, and that is why it is necessary to articulate the relevant means for its correct protection. Currently, more and more systems are turning to uses in the cloud, so in this article we will see the benefits that blockchain brings in this regard.

Cloud systems

Although cloud systems are not new, it is true that in recent times there has been a general expansion in terms of their use. The cloud brings great benefits, since it allows the processing or storage of data in a distributed manner without the need for physical hardware in the devices that are being used, that is, we have more capacity remotely.

Currently the cloud is used for information storage, as well as to run programs, thus allowing the user not to require a large number of technical requirements on their devices, they simply access the cloud and the applications run on it. This brings great benefits, particularly if you think about the great technological advance that we are experiencing.

The big problem that cloud systems face is that of information security. Let us bear in mind that there is a great deal of data traffic as we make greater use of this type of platform. It is here where blockchain gives us great benefits to be able to make these types of systems safer environments.

Data protection with blockchain

Blockchain systems have a high level of security, being practically incorruptible, and it is that if a malicious actor wanted to take control, the blockchain would break, invalidating the operation. That is why the application of this technology in the cloud is extremely interesting, providing unmatched guarantees in terms of information traffic. 

The CUDOS network is a pioneer in this type of use, providing a distributed computing system in the cloud running on blockchain. Thanks to this, data can be protected on the blockchain, being protected from attackers on the network, giving the possibility of establishing very secure systems that can scale without facing critical security gaps.

At present, we are witnessing the first foundations regarding the new digital revolution, and this entails the rethinking of systems that are becoming obsolete as new advances are made. In this way, the characteristics of blockchain systems can be captured in cloud-based platforms.

CUDOS and distributed cloud computing

Distributed computing in the cloud is giving great benefits to individuals and companies, by being able to process data without the need for a large investment in physical hardware. In this way, the necessary technical fee is contracted for the procedures that are required to be executed, allowing to reduce operating costs to carry out projects.

As we can see, the possibilities of this technology are very wide, and it is interesting to highlight the great advance that implies being able to have computing capacity in the cloud, which in turn, is guaranteed in its security by the unique characteristics that blockchain provides. The CUDOS network is generating constant advances and research, to expand the development possibilities on its platform.

For this reason, the central axis of efficient applications is in the correct processing of data. Every time there is a greater deployment of use cases on blockchain, and this requires that the security guarantees be broad, that is why distributed computing in the cloud under these types of parameters, is essential for the integrity of all the ecosystem. 


Based on the analysis of the article, we can express as a summary, that blockchain systems combined with distributed computing capacity in the cloud, such as the one that CUDOS is developing, provide the necessary security for correct data processing, facilitating the framework ideal for the development of scalable applications with extensive guarantees for all users.

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