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Cudos will drive a new era in the video game industry through blockchain

The Cudos network has unique characteristics to drive innovative developments within the video game industry. Thanks to distributed computing in the cloud, immersive experiences never seen before can be implemented, as well as the creation of a truly decentralized metaverse, taking advantage of the benefits of a distributed infrastructure.

A change of era is approaching for video games

We are currently witnessing a transition with respect to more immersive video games, where user experiences are increasingly similar to reality. In order to achieve this, a great technical capacity is required that can deal with the necessary computer requirements, allowing efficient operation.

Before, increasingly powerful physical hardware was unfailingly needed to render and carry out the necessary computer processes that a video game requires to run. Currently, distributed computing in the cloud offers us new possibilities to be able to carry out these processes in a fully distributed manner, for which a large number of benefits are obtained.

The model offered by Cudos is efficiently adjusted to achieve the task of obtaining technical requirements in a distributed manner, and thereby achieve quality results for the video game industry. This opens the door to a new era, where players will be able to participate in completely new experiences, combining with traditional practices, achieving never-before-seen gameplay.

The video game industry and blockchain networks

There are currently a large number of projects that have to do with video game development within blockchain platforms. These types of games allow users to earn rewards for meeting certain goals, which is called “Play to Win”. This model is currently emerging, proposing a new concept of gameplay, in which users obtain rewards for the achievements obtained within a certain video game.

On the other hand, there are also projects with the aim of combining traditional experiences in video games with the innovations that blockchain offers us. In this way, we can start to see “tokenized” elements in “AAA” releases. NFT tokens make it possible to incorporate unique and interchangeable digital items into games, opening new possibilities for users to transact with them, or store them for higher revenue in the future.

Cudos, has within its ecosystem the necessary characteristics to achieve developments that satisfy the current demands of video game players. Thanks to distributed computing in the cloud, unprecedented rendering and better results can be achieved. The blockchain backing guarantees security within the network, so you can operate with peace of mind.

What possibilities does Cudos offer?

Cudos has the necessary infrastructure to become a complete launch pad for disruptive and innovative projects. Thanks to the features present in its network, it is possible to fully exploit aspects of blockchain technology, ranging from NFT tokens, experiences related to the metaverse and distributed computing in the cloud, issues that can be used for the development of video games.

Through decentralization, we can achieve completely transparent results for computer procedures, which is appropriate for data processing within the video game industry. Cudos offers the necessary tools to generate fully immersive experiences within the metaverse, while it is more beneficial than centralized options.

It was recently announced that Simon Rutter, former Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)/PlayStation EVP and Head of Business Operations Europe, will be joining as an advisor to Cudos. In this way, specialized advice will be obtained in sensitive areas for the development of the ecosystem with respect to projects and experiences related to video games.


Cudos will promote a new era in the video game industry, offering the necessary conditions for the emergence of innovative projects that combine player experiences with blockchain technology. This network has the infrastructure to become a true launch pad for developments involving the use of NFT tokens, metaverse-related experiences, and high-performance distributed cloud computing.

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