efficient blockchain systems

Construction of efficient systems made possible by the CUDOS network

The CUDOS network offers great possibilities for innovative developments. Among the projects that will be required in the future, we have that of intelligent systems for data manipulation, and it is here where this blockchain makes great contributions thanks to its distributed computing in the cloud.

Greater use of systems

Computer systems are currently being used for an endless number of industries and activities, which is why their evolution is seen day by day. In these times, these types of systems are required to manage practically any aspect of our lives, from financial institutions to the health field, which is why it is necessary to overcome problems with efficient responses.

In the past, computer systems were reserved only for a small sector that generally had to do with banking or related activities, as well as the public sector. With the relative evolution of the digital age, computer systems are required for common areas of our daily lives, that is why obstacles began to arise, which must be solved by innovations in this regard.

This growing use of computer systems in diverse areas has raised the need to use tools that optimize tasks, providing a greater interconnection to the general infrastructure, with which, thanks to the emergence of the Internet, several of these initial problems could be solved in the past. This interconnection paradigm is clearly resolved with the blockchain network approach.

Cloud systems

Traditional systems are installed in the physical computer located in the premises of the place where their use is required. On the contrary, cloud computing systems can be accessed remotely from different locations, therefore, this brings great advantages when organizing a business structure.

A cloud-based system offers us the possibility of greatly reducing operating costs, since expensive investments in hardware are not required, due to the fact that the program runs remotely, and only a device with low resources is needed to be able to have access. In this way, an optimization in operational processes could be carried out and at a lower cost than the current one.

Another quality of cloud systems is that technically we are hiring a remote service with critical technical support, included in the operation of the network, therefore, companies can have the necessary guarantees that their systems will be functional at all times.

Solutions brought by distributed computing in the cloud

In previous lines, we have talked about cloud systems from a traditional conception, so to speak. With the evolution of computing and the emergence of blockchain networks, new opportunities are presented for the development of this type of systems, with the addition of greater characteristics that are possible thanks to these new technical developments.

CUDOS offers us a new concept in computing issues with its innovative «distributed computing in the blockchain cloud». In this way, we would have all the characteristics of conventional cloud services but in a distributed manner, and with the security support that only “blockchain” technology can give us. This will bring great possibilities for companies all over the world.

Distributed computing in the cloud on blockchain, from a technical conception, allows data traffic to be carried out with an unparalleled security framework, since the information that is generated and settled in a blockchain cannot be altered or modified. In this way, the systems that are developed on this type of platform will be equipped with a security level much higher than any current deployment or infrastructure.


Computer systems are widely used today for any type of industry, and that is why it is necessary to find efficient and innovative solutions to solve problems such as interconnection. With the emergence of CUDOS distributed cloud computing, the way is opening for the deployment of systems on an unrivaled platform backed by blockchain security.

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