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Importance of blockchain support for distributed cloud computing

CUDOS presents us with an innovative model, offering distributed computing in the cloud with blockchain support. This approach will bring great benefits with respect to the necessary guarantees when uploading critical data to the cloud, since we have the security of blockchain technology to perform tasks that require computing capacity in a decentralized manner.

Trend towards cloud services

In recent times, there is a growing trend towards cloud services. Whether you need to store data, or run systems remotely, cloud services offer us great solutions, but they also include several limitations. One of the main problems is security, because we are interacting with centralized servers, where we have no guarantees of what really happens with our information.

In the model proposed by CUDOS we have the necessary security measures, since this network works on blockchain, so its technology is completely immutable, keeping our data safe, being able to be verified in the blockchain if necessary.

Another issue that CUDOS solves from its point of view, is the one regarding capacity and costs. In the event that a company requires large amounts of data storage or processing, through distributed computing in the cloud, the necessary quota to carry out the necessary processes can be acquired. In addition, this allows saving important sums of money, with respect to unnecessary investments in physical hardware, being able to contract what is needed at the exact moment, with the possibility of expanding it in the future, thus adjusting operating costs.

Operation of distributed computing on CUDOS blockchain

The distributed computing in the cloud, running on blockchain, of CUDOS allows to have computational capacity in a way never seen before, since by distributing the nodes using underused capacity of other users, an ideal ecosystem can be created, so that all parties involved make benefits and nurture each other.

Undoubtedly, more and more people have a greater number of devices in their homes, from smartphones to next-generation smart TVs, as well as computers and video game consoles. These people are not actually using the maximum capacity of these devices in their normal use, so there is a large amount of technical capacity that is being underused and that could be used by individuals and companies.

Through its blockchain network, CUDOS allows a large number of people to have the possibility of sharing their technical capacity, in order to be rewarded as it is distributed and used by other parties that demand that computational need, to carry out various processes. Thus, everyone involved receives a benefit, whether infrastructure is being shared or demanded.

Blockchain-backed data

Thanks to blockchain technology, the data that is uploaded or distributed can have an unprecedented security backup, being practically incorruptible. When loading our data in traditional services, the information passes through a central node, where we are not certain what is happening there, on the other hand, with blockchain technology, which is decentralized, manipulations cannot occur, since in this case its operation on the database would be invalidated.

Blockchain technology works in general lines through protocols, which allow the generation of blocks, which is where information and operations are stored, creating a «copy» in each decentralized node, as new operations are carried out. In this way, before the verification requirement for a certain transaction, a comparison consensus is made throughout the network to rule out manipulations.

If data manipulation occurs, the chain will break, invalidating the malicious operation. That is why it is of great importance to have this type of support for distributed computing in the cloud, given that the data traffic is very large, requiring an efficient security framework that guarantees the inviolability and inalterability of the information that It is being processed.


We can see that there is a growing trend towards cloud services. CUDOS proposes an innovative approach, with the possibility of providing distributed cloud computing in a decentralized way, which can be used by a large number of individuals, allowing companies to reduce operating costs. This model is supported by blockchain technology, which guarantees an ideal security framework for information processing and data storage.

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