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Cudos: a diamond in the rough of blockchain technology

When we talk about blockchain technology, we observe very innovative projects, but Cudos raises a unique model of its kind. This network plans to take distributed cloud computing to a new level with its incredible backing, provided by its blockchain.

Distributed cloud computing with blockchain support

Currently systems are becoming increasingly complicated to support, given the technical requirements to overcome their infrastructures. This is where the concept of distributed cloud computing arises, that is, decentralizing the necessary processes in different nodes in order to run these platforms. The problem basically lies in the centralized models that exist today, by means of which it is difficult to meet these objectives.

The Cudos network raises a new paradigm in this regard, where all these processes are carried out through the distribution of computing capabilities, under the support of blockchain technology. Let’s think that in order to have the necessary security framework, decentralized methods are required that can guarantee an efficient operation. Blockchain technology has given humanity this incredible possibility.

It is for these reasons that Cudos is a unique project of its kind, where a model with a different approach is offered, in order to efficiently fulfill the promise of taking distributed cloud computing to a new level. If it weren’t for the underlying blockchain technology, everything would be left centrally in the hands of large corporations. This issue leads to not being sure of what is really happening with the data.

Centralization: an existing problem

Centralization is a problem that should concern us all, since if we continue on this path, we will no longer be the owners of our information. In itself, this brings with it several drawbacks, but the most serious thing is that there are only a few corporations in the world that have the domain of information. That is why decentralized practices should be required for the treatment of sensitive information.

A centralized platform works through a central node, which is the one who has control and governance of the entire infrastructure. This is very risky for the data, because this entity could alter the information without us knowing it, or use it for purposes contrary to which it was provided. Instead, decentralization gives us the possibility of distributing a network in different nodes with the same hierarchy.

In this way, when using a decentralized network without a central node that has absolute control, the security for the data is much higher. Under this model, if an attempt was made to alter something, the network would perform a comparison to see if everything agrees, thus revealing the manipulation. On the other hand, before any new entry of information, a general consensus should be established, granting greater transparency to the process.

Efficiency and operating costs of the Cudos model

Cudos’s approach is much more efficient than current systems. Under its concept, computing capacity is granted to the network through the underused devices that exist today. In this way, the network architecture is configured, to then be distributed as a service among the entities that need computational requirements to support their procedures.

By being able to contract computing capacity as a service, there is the possibility of expanding or reducing fees according to needs. This allows companies to adapt their budgets, dramatically reducing operating costs compared to having to invest in physical hardware for the same purpose. Keep in mind that today this makes Cudos a network with incredible potential.

If we look at the latest technological developments, such as those related to the metaverse, we can see that we are facing platforms that need incredible computing power. Through current means, it would become practically impossible to carry out. That is why, inevitably, a decentralized computing service in the cloud will be needed, with blockchain technology being the ideal ally to fulfill this purpose.


Cudos is a diamond in the rough of blockchain technology, being a unique project of its kind with its distributed computing model in the cloud with blockchain support. If we observe the trend in terms of current developments, we observe that large computing capacities will be required to support them, decentralization being the correct way to follow for such purposes.

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