cudos bridge oracle

Possibilities of Cudos with its abilities regarding «Bridge» and «Oracle»

The launch of the Cudos main network will bring great advantages for future projects, but another interesting issue is the network’s ability to function as an oracle and its qualities when bridging with other chains, something that will present a series of benefits for projects that are deployed on the platform and the entire blockchain universe in general.

What are the so-called oracles?

Bridges, along with oracles, will be the future of blockchain networks. While the former serve to interconnect ecosystems, the latter allow us to obtain information outside the chain. An oracle works as a sort of «external emitter», to be able to obtain information outside the network, and in this way to nourish the projects with that data in order to be used.

Cudos in its layer 1 has the benefits to become the best alternative for distributed computing in the cloud, while in its layer 2 it is endowed with the necessary characteristics to function as a scalable oracle network. Currently, the computing power of Cudos allows it to scale to a large number of nodes, something very beneficial for future developments.

To understand the so-called oracles a little more, let’s try to imagine it with a practical example. Let’s suppose that a Dapp (decentralized application) developed on the platform requires obtaining data from outside, outside the chain, such as information related to the weather, since this is where this becomes important. An oracle is capable of providing data in this regard, so that in this way, the application obtains what is required precisely.

Importance for development on blockchain

Blockchain networks turn out to be the most innovative development regarding technology in recent times, but they face some problems. Each network is developed to function safely but «in a closed mode», that is, the projects work only within the blockchain in question. This is why it is necessary to articulate means for the interconnection between chains.

The so-called bridges allow a chain to connect with another to share information between them. This is very promising for generating interconnections, even between different protocols, allowing applications to send and receive information. In this way horizons can be broadened and larger ecosystems can be generated.

The other issue is the “oracles”, since although the interconnections between chains are important for the development of ecosystems, not all the information is contained in the blockchain. Through these elements we can reliably obtain all the data from abroad and be able to use them in projects. Thus, the possibilities for the expansion of blockchain networks in real applications are expanded.

Cudos and its scalability capabilities

The Cudos network plays a fundamental role in interconnection issues. On the one hand, its scalable distributed computing capabilities in the cloud guarantee the efficient performance of robust projects. On the other hand, its layer 2 capabilities will make it possible to generate the necessary connections between other networks and the outside world in an unprecedented way.

We are very close to the launch date of its mainnet, which is why these capabilities will be crucial for the future. Among the renowned networks with which Cudos will have bridges are: Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot and Cosmos. Once the Cudos network is fully bridged with these chains, scalable computation and layer two of oracles between all of them will be enabled.

These networks, with which Cudos will begin to make scalability and layer 2 work, will benefit the entire ecosystem thanks to their characteristics within the blockchain universe. For example Algorand, is a blockchain specialized in smart contracts, something that in combination with Cudos capacity, will allow developers to get all the benefits in this regard. The same happens with the other networks, where each one is a leader in its field.


Cudos is generating the necessary conditions to broaden the horizons within the blockchain universe in an unprecedented way. The capabilities of bridges are necessary to achieve interconnection between blockchains, even when their protocols are different. On the other hand, the capabilities of oracles allow obtaining data from outside the chain, and in this way make it possible for developments to obtain information from abroad in a reliable and precise way.

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