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Security issues present in blockchain-backed distributed computing

We are approaching the launch of the Cudos mainnet, and that is why in this article we will address a series of key points related to data security. Thanks to the characteristics of blockchain networks, it is possible to have a distributed computing model in the cloud with extensive guarantees.

The future is in the cloud

Whether we think of systems or platforms like the metaverse, its future is undoubtedly in the cloud. This is so, for the simple reason that under this model we can count on unique scalable features, something that does not currently occur under the traditional paradigm. Initiatives in this regard are already beginning, and in the future we will see even more deployments along these lines.

Cudos presents a new way of understanding computing capacity in a distributed way and in the cloud, which brings great advantages. On the one hand, under this concept, any platform could acquire the necessary requirements at the right time, which contributes to operating costs. Being able to have a scalable approach allows for an increase in technical capacity when needed.

While there are currently projects that already provide cloud services, Cudos is one of a kind with its «distributed cloud computing using blockchain.» Blockchains allow infrastructures to be provided with security-related features that are not found in other types of networks. This ensures that data stored or in traffic cannot be corrupted by malicious people.

Computer security in the new era

We are witnessing a true revolution in terms of information. Today data travels at speeds unthinkable just a few years ago, but this carries a series of responsibilities and dangers, requiring new security measures. The digital age has crossed all aspects of our lives in a transversal way, all sensitive information regarding our person and property (personal data, real property titles, vehicles, etc.) is currently digitized.

Undoubtedly, this brings great advantages, being able to access any data in just seconds, but on the other hand, it carries risks. In order to reduce the dangers to which our lives are exposed with digitization, we have tools such as blockchains. This type of network presents security characteristics that allow guaranteeing the efficient processing of data.

Computer security plays a fundamental role in our days, due to the need to grant broad protection to data. Blockchain protocols such as Cudos’ are designed to avoid any vulnerability. That is why in its development a lot of time is allocated to carry out security-related tests. It is preferable to wait longer to have a quality product, than to rush and present critical flaws in the platform.

A paradigm shift towards decentralization

Cudos is a fundamental project in our days to be able to achieve real objectives in terms of decentralized processes. The platforms currently work under centralization models, which is not good for our data. Today, under the traditional concept, all information is controlled by a handful of data centers, owned by large corporations.

Cudos proposes a new approach to achieve fully decentralized, blockchain-backed, distributed cloud computing. In this approach, there is no longer a node that has the governance of the network, but rather, the participants are those who make up the different nodes, which together make up the entire general infrastructure. In this way, “validators” are very necessary, because they have the responsibility of confirming the operations at the premature moment, which is when the network is still very small.

Thanks to decentralization we can ensure that a certain data has not been manipulated, and this provides a lot of transparency. On the other hand, having this type of security guarantees is crucial for an endless number of projects, including those that have to do with government areas of countries in the world. We look forward to seeing the full potential of the Cudos network unfold very soon, with the launch of its core network next month.


Without a doubt, security is an issue that worries any serious developer, since much of the reputation of their projects depends on it. Today, data is used in a digitized way to represent many aspects of our lives. The Cudos network presents the necessary conditions to provide broad guarantees regarding distributed computing in the cloud with blockchain support.

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