The benefits of using a decentralized cloud

Most of the current platforms are migrating to cloud systems, given their advantages. A centralized cloud causes serious impacts on the environment and creates an insecure place for users. Through Cudos technology, an efficient solution is provided.

Environmental impact

The advancement of technology must be carried out with an eye on sustainability, since any evaluation is obliged to contemplate an environmentally friendly plan. In recent years, computer systems consume more and more resources, therefore equipment must be replaced more quickly, causing a large amount of electronic waste to accumulate throughout the world.

As a solution to this problem, the idea of ​​the cloud arises and, in this way, the platforms can make use of a service, without having to constantly replace their physical hardware. The inconvenience that occurs within this model is that data centers must generate more and more computing capacity, therefore resources and energy consumption increase considerably.

At first glance, this business model is inefficient, with limited scalability and polluting sources. In response, Cudos has developed a new paradigm: distributed computing in the cloud, which is secure thanks to its blockchain backing, and takes advantage of the underused resources of existing devices in the hands of users, rewarding them for it.

Centralization problems

Large data centers have in their possession a large amount of user information, which is often used for purposes other than those for which it was provided. This is due to the centralization that currently exists in the market, where everything is exclusively in the hands of a few large corporations. In turn, this model is insecure, given that in the event of a data breach, cybercriminals obtain a large amount of data.

Users are exposed through the use of this type of network services, due to the fact that they do not have adequate security parameters. The emergence of blockchain technology provides new tools that allow solutions to this type of problems. Blockchains are completely secure and provide an adequate decentralization framework.

A blockchain works through the «blocks» that make it up in a chain. Every time an operation is carried out, it is recorded as if it were a huge ledger or database. The advantage that this technology offers is that if a malicious actor wanted to modify the information, the chain would be broken, invalidating the transactions through the general network consensus.

Safe transition to Web3

In times where everything evolves rapidly, essential issues related to development efficiency are often lost sight of. In this sense Cudos has been working hard, with the aim of providing real solutions to existing problems. This is how it has been possible to obtain a robust and error-proof main network, thanks to the results obtained through the incentivized test network.

The Cudos platform allows a migration to Web3, empowering users to be the ones who have control and decision-making in their hands. Its distributed computing model in the cloud allows companies to hire technical capacity as a service, thus avoiding the high costs they currently face, while better managing underused resources.

The Cudos network allows projects related to the metaverse to be generated, through completely immersive experiences. In this way, a completely decentralized framework is offered so that information is stored and used in a transparent way, while security is guaranteed thanks to the underlying blockchain technology of its infrastructure.


The decentralization of the cloud is generating various drawbacks, not only for systems or companies, due to high operating costs and scalability problems, but it is also unfriendly to the environment and insecure for users. The Cudos network offers an efficient solution, through distributed computing in the cloud with blockchain support, which provides great advantages for the entire ecosystem in general.

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