Cudos has the power to decentralize the new age of the web

We are facing the imminent launch of the Cudos mainnet, and with it will come great news. This network has the potential to completely transform the web, providing real decentralization, which will bring great benefits to users in general.

On the way to web 3.0

We are well on our way to web 3.0, which includes the promise of new features and additions for the entire network. To achieve these goals, a series of mechanisms that blockchain technology can provide are necessary, laying the foundations for greater transparency and inclusion.

Currently there are several problems that the web faces, among them we have the problem of centralization, that is, all data management in the hands of a few corporations. This entails great risks for users, since it is not possible to know for sure what is happening with all that large volume of stored information.

That is why the new era of the web must correct certain shortcomings that are present in the entire framework of the system. In order to achieve these objectives, the application of new technologies is necessary, such as the latest generation blockchain networks that provide higher levels of decentralization, making the entire cyberspace a reliable place.

How can Cudos be a solution?

Cudos is in the process of fine-tuning the details for the launch of its mainnet, through its testing phase. All these phases are necessary to obtain a quality product that meets the objectives related to laying the foundations for a new web infrastructure. Of course, this is not an easy task, since any failure can compromise all the work.

This blockchain has the necessary characteristics to become a true open and interoperable launch platform, generating a suitable environment for the development of projects with real life applications. We are facing a true technological tool, with the capacity to produce the changes and conditions that are required to establish a true digital revolution.

Its cloud computing model can be used by those developments that require scale computing power. In addition, the costs to operate through this distributed network are much lower than those of current systems, which facilitates the deployment of projects with a low budget.

Heading for decentralization

From the scandals that occurred with social networks, to the problems detected with storage in data centers, the need to migrate to more decentralized systems is reflected. In platforms of this type, we could have greater control of our information, which would give us greater security when operating.

Cudos has the necessary infrastructure, together with its data validators, to establish the essential security pillars on the network, guaranteeing real decentralization. Undoubtedly, this is the course that has been adopted, which is why the choice of reliable technologies that provide the necessary support for operations carried out through the web will be crucial.


The centralization of the web has encouraged a path with greater decentralization to be adopted in this new era, which provides greater transparency and guarantees for user information. The Cudos network is focused on the task of launching a quality main network, laying the foundations to be used as a true launch pad and incorporating the necessary features to enter the web 3.0, with an efficient decentralized framework and supported by blockchain.

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