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Advantages for developers when operating on the Cudos network

The launch of the Cudos mainnet is very close! That is why in this article, we will describe a series of advantages that developers can take advantage of when operating with this next-generation blockchain. All those project generators will soon be able to deploy their creations on the MainNet with real potential.

The path to the main network

By executing «Project Artemis», Cudos deployed his incentivized testnet. Thanks to this, several developers have been able to test their projects, while receiving rewards for performing certain tasks. For the most part, this has served to fine-tune the Cudos network, with a view to launching its main network.

Now that the process related to the test network is concluding with its fourth stage, the way is paved for innovative projects to begin to be seen in action. Once the mainnet is up and running, endless applications can be run on the Cudos platform. In this way we will begin to see the true potential of distributed computing with blockchain support.

Cudos is making its way to the mainnet with a series of security-based procedures. In this way, we can have guarantees that when implementing Dapss (decentralized applications), developers will have all the necessary support to reduce risks.

Advantages for developers

Among the main advantages of developing in Cudos, is that this is a totally innovative project with a unique model of its kind. Anyone who is thinking of developing a scalable product will undoubtedly find the ideal solution in this blockchain. Cudos has enormous potential to take distributed cloud computing to a new level.

Cudos has a number of features that can be used by content generators. Among its benefits, we can say that this blockchain is capable of providing scalable computing capacity, in an economical and efficient manner. In this way, the dapps developed in its ecosystem can be nurtured and take advantage of all these benefits.

On the other hand, projects developed on the Cudos platform can use its native $CUDOS token. By using this token, deployed decentralized applications can interact with the ecosystem, based on support provided by professionals in the security area. Migration from Ethereum to the Cosmos network is underway, so high GAS fees will no longer be an inconvenience.

Interconnection issues: bridges and oracle

One of the great advantages that developers will have within Cudos in a very short time, are the issues related to blockchain interoperability. To start, Cudos is running bridges with the main blockchains in the market, such as Algorand and Polkadot. Being completely bridged, it will be possible to operate with these blockchains within the same environment.

Being able to have functionalities related to «bridges» with the main blockchains provides extensive benefits for developers, since their Dapps can interact with these ecosystems. In this way, you can think of projects that work jointly and with real blockchain interconnection, which provides great advantages.

On the other hand, and no less important, is the possibility of the Cudos network to be able to operate in its layer 2 with its “oracle” capabilities. Through this feature, off-chain data can be obtained, which is more than important to develop quality Dapps. Within the information that can be accessed, we can name issues related to the weather, prices, among other important data to be able to provide the applications with extra functionalities.


The launch of the Cudos mainnet is very close! With this, developers will be able to use the potential of this blockchain in their projects. This blockchain has great advantages from which Dapps can be nourished. Undoubtedly, a great advantage for the projects has to do with the connection through bridges to blockchain networks of great importance, such as Algorand and Polkadot. No less important is the ability of Cudos in layer 2 to act as an oracle and make connections to obtain data outside the chain.

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