Cudos promotes sustainable global development with inclusion

Technology is very important for the development of regions around the world, but many times people are prevented from having access due to lack of resources. Cudos offers an inclusive blockchain platform, capable of providing accessibility, through its quality network.

Decentralized network

Since the emergence of blockchain networks, the premise has always been to maintain absolute decentralization. This is something that in many cases is not observed in reality, where the different blockchains remain captive to centralized models and a few have control over important decisions.

Cudos is a blockchain that has been designed with real decentralization in mind, that is, making decisions in the hands of users. To achieve this promise, the network has made tireless efforts since its original design, to establish a quality product that is up to the task.

But why is decentralization so important? The main answer is transparency, since if we were facing a centralized network, we would continue on the same path we are on today. Cloud services, for example, are currently in the hands of a few companies, something that Cudos has come to change.

Technological inclusion

One of the most important issues today is related to technological inclusion. These days, systems all over the world rely on the latest technologies to develop and stay current. In this regard, there are many regions and countries that are prevented from carrying out these actions, given the lack of resources they face.

Blockchain technology is one of the most important tools that humanity has to provide greater transparency. This is how solutions that are within everyone’s reach are required so as not to fall into inequity.

Cudos offers a platform that is available to everyone. This is due to its main features, which include low operating costs, speed, and security. In this way, the services that are deployed on its platform will have the guarantees of being efficient and being able to reach everyone.

On the ecology side

If all these years of technological advances have taught us something, it is that we must not neglect ecology in our evolution. This is how we are constantly looking for solutions that allow us to progress, but taking care of the environment that is ultimately our home.

The first generation of blockchain networks did not take these issues into account, and that is how their proof-of-work (PoW) protocols lead us to consider today their high energy consumption. The procedures required in this type of network generate a large amount of pollutants.

Cudos, on the other hand, is a carbon-neutral Layer 1 blockchain network, an award obtained for its zero polluting emissions. Through its innovative distributed cloud computing model, it is contributing to reducing pollution from several aspects. On the one hand, there is the advantage that companies will have by not requiring physical hardware, and on the other hand, underutilized resources that are already in the hands of users will be used.


We need tools that promote global technological inclusion, so that the less favored regions of our planet are not disadvantaged. Cudos is developing an inclusive blockchain platform capable of responding equally to everyone, offering low operating costs, decentralization, speed and security, while helping to reduce polluting emissions.

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