Cudos: building the future of Web3

We are in a digital age migration from Web2 to Web3. Centralization has been one of the main reasons why users have begun to demand solutions that respect the privacy of their data. Cudos is building a future with greater transparency.

Towards greater decentralization

One of the central axes in the development of Cudos is to establish a decentralized ecosystem. Thanks to this approach, greater transparency is provided for the development of Web3, where users will move to the center of the action and direct decision-making. This path is necessary so that large corporations do not continue hoarding resources.

A centralized ecosystem would imply that personal information would continue to remain under the sphere of a central body, where we do not know for sure what treatment is given to it. Through decentralization, we can be sure at all times of what is really happening and what our data is being used for.

Cudos provides the necessary technology to promote this type of initiative, while encouraging the creation of communities throughout the world. Forming solid foundations, this blockchain network will allow a large number of projects to be nurtured from features for the creation of their dApps.

The importance of community

The Cudos community continues to grow, and as blockchain adoption continues to expand, users are building the foundations so that technology models can be applied in the real world. In Web3, people will take a more active role than in the past.

In the age of social networks, users are primarily responsible for generating content, something that will continue to expand on Web3. The difference is that in this new direction, people will not only generate content, but will have greater interaction through developments such as the metaverse, where immersive experiences will be generated.

In turn, the participation of the community is very important, given that in a decentralized environment, it will be the users who will have the decision-making in their hands.

Cudos in the development of Web3

Cudos is an open and interoperable platform, which allows the development of a large number of projects within the blockchain scene. Mainly, its cloud computing model allows the underutilized capacity of devices to be used efficiently and in a distributed manner by companies that require computing capacity.

Furthermore, this blockchain network allows NFTs to be minted thanks to its unique parameters. In this sense, the Cudos development team is working on the “NFT Minting” portal, which has already successfully passed a design review and is being fully implemented on the Mainnet. NFTs enable the tokenization of multiple real-life assets, thus making them crucial for immersive commercial developments.

On the other hand, Cudos presents a decentralized and efficient platform for metaverse development. Thus, projects of this type are already carrying out tests to launch their products through the main network. This environment, in turn, allows the development of DeFi, through the decentralization of financial services without intermediaries, giving rise to the new «creator economy».


Cudos is building the future of Web3, thanks to its decentralized platform with blockchain support, it also provides greater transparency and low operating costs. In this sense, Cudos presents a business model that allows the development through distributed computing in the cloud of projects related to the metaverse and, in turn, this environment enables the expansion of DeFi and NFTs.

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