Cudos begins to develop its ecosystem

After the launch of the Foundation, Cudos is ready as a network to start building its ecosystem. Thanks to this work structure, key associations and grant launches begin to be generated so that projects on the network infrastructure are developed.

A long road to success

The road to success is never easy, especially when it comes to new technologies in a world in constant upheaval. This is how the Cudos network has worked hard to ensure security within its overall infrastructure. After the successful incentivized Testnet, we were able to witness the launch of its mainnet, which is in full swing.

This has been necessary in order to guarantee a quality product, giving birth to a new generation blockchain network, one of a kind, capable of taking future projects to the top. Many people were a part of these efforts and are making it possible for Cudos to be on its way as the underlying technology of tomorrow.

We all know that we are in difficult times for the blockchain universe in general, but this should not make us give up. Quality projects are the ones that continue to generate developments under these conditions, and that is something we can be proud of at Cudos. The network has continued to work tirelessly to be able to launch a broad ecosystem.

New partnerships fostering foundations for growth

Now that everything is set up seamlessly in the Cudos infrastructure, it is time for another key step: building the ecosystem. Through the Cudos Foundation, grants are being awarded to developers and generating important associations to establish the bases of disruptive projects. The course is set through the collective efforts of all teams.

These recent associations also allow the attraction of new users in order to continue strengthening the community on Cudos. As time progresses, there is an increasing number of users who trust the blockchain. This shows that the course adopted is the correct one, being undoubtedly that we are on the foundations of a much larger construction, given its incredible potential.

Partnerships and ecosystem building are underway, laying the foundation for the Cudos infrastructure to roll out in all directions.

Necessary steps

Perhaps many users may believe that this is a slow path and that many times it seems stagnant, but it is not. On the contrary, as the developments need to be perfected, it takes some time to make sure that nothing is going to fail. Imagine that there is no margin for errors in these moments that we are going through, where the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Times often go against expectations, where we all want this incredible technology to be built from scratch overnight, but unfortunately it is impossible. However, we are sure that the right steps are being taken in the formation of a decent and transparent product.

So what is next? The answer lies precisely in the bases that are being established for the development of projects that use Cudos technology. This is a process that is already underway, therefore we will discover together what the future holds together with the launch of very promising solutions.

Final words

The road to success is never easy, that is why a series of steps are necessary to guarantee efficiency. With the launch of the Cudos Foundation, a series of key associations that promote the development of the ecosystem for the blockchain network have begun to be generated.

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