Cudos technology contributes to a world with less pollution

New technologies are collaborating to reduce the levels of contamination in the environment and, in this way, be friendlier to the global ecology. The Cudos network proposes an innovative model to drastically reduce polluting emissions.

Technological evolution

Since the industrial era, man has managed to generate significant advances to provide solutions to the problems that societies around the world are going through, thanks to the use of technology. In recent times, the computer revolution has led to the manufacture of large amounts of hardware, which once in disuse end up generating garbage.

The current challenge is raised on how to generate mechanisms that lead to reducing contaminant levels. This path is not easy, since the tools used must allow technological developments to advance, but adapting the procedures to achieve the goals of reducing environmental impact. This is how the latest digital developments set the course to follow.

Today it is possible, for example, to replace physical storage methods with cloud solutions, something that was unthinkable a few years ago. In this way, substantial improvements can be achieved with respect to computer garbage derived from the use of hardware. Cudos proposes an innovative model to provide computing capacity in the cloud with blockchain support, making a significant contribution to environmental matters.

Reduction of polluting gases thanks to blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is migrating towards modern protocols that no longer require «mining», since they dispense with «proof of work» (PoW), managing to generate blocks and confirm operations. The most widely accepted protocol today is the so-called “proof of participation” (Pos), where users make up the network infrastructure by participating in it. In this sense, the Cudos network is introducing a new paradigm to serve as a launch pad for digital projects related to the metaverse and NFTs.

Thanks to these new protocols, it is no longer necessary to have large teams to solve complex mathematical puzzles, which is why access to blockchain infrastructures is more democratic and affordable. As large amounts of hardware are not required by blockchain networks, polluting emissions are significantly reduced.

Cudos and its commitment to ecology

Currently, the vast majority of platforms are opting for cloud solutions, since in this way operating costs are reduced. The problem that currently exists is that the largest number of options in this regard belong to large technology companies that centralize information. To achieve transparent use of data, decentralized platforms must inevitably be chosen.

The Cudos network provides an ideal platform in this scenario, since its decentralized blockchain infrastructure is suitable for the development of projects that require applications in the cloud. By using the Cudos decentralized cloud, the environmental issues related to technological development are solved, since the underused capacity of the devices that are in the hands of users around the world is taken advantage of.

Thanks to this new paradigm, devices that have already been built are used, therefore a clear reduction in environmental impact is observed. In turn, this approach allows the reduction of computer waste, because new devices are not required, nor are they constantly being replaced.


Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems that humanity faces today. The challenges focus on finding solutions that allow technological evolution with the least possible environmental impact. The Cudos network offers solutions in this regard, thanks to its distributed computing model in the cloud with blockchain support, which takes advantage of the underutilized capacity of devices in the hands of users. In this way, it avoids the need to use large amounts of hardware to make up the network infrastructure, an issue that in turn reduces computer waste and energy use.

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