CUDOS Carbon Neutral Blockchain

CUDOS cloud computing contributes to reducing environmental impact

Technological developments often entail a relative environmental impact, due to the emission of polluting gases and the construction of certain elements. The CUDOS cloud distributed computing model contributes to reducing the levels of environmental impact on our planet.

Carbon neutral model

CUDOS is a blockchain project, with the objective of building an infrastructure dedicated to distributed computing in the cloud, which has been awarded as “Carbon neutral”, given its low impact on ecology. Under this paradigm, companies hire their quota of technical requirements, without the need to acquire physical equipment in order to carry out these tasks.

By taking advantage of the underused capacities of different devices that are already in the hands of users, a fundamental contribution is made to reduce the ecological impact that these types of devices produce. In this way, the computing capacity that is currently not being used, which is wasted, is used.

Under this approach, the benefit is mutual for all the intervening parties, since companies obtain what they need for lower costs, users are rewarded for contributing their computing capacity to the network, and the planet is benefited since it reduces pollution from the manufacture and use of devices unnecessarily, taking advantage of the requirements of those already built to the maximum.

Global need to reduce pollution

As inhabitants who live in this world, we need to become aware of the gravity that we face, because we are filling every corner of the planet with our waste. It is not news that the oceans are full of plastics and other waste that are seriously altering marine ecosystems, with the danger that this entails.

Technological advance is necessary, thanks to it an evolution can be generated in communities throughout the world, improving the quality of life of people, but we must not lose sight of the fact that this progress should not represent a danger or a threat to ecosystems and ecology in general. For this reason, it is necessary to articulate developments that contemplate ways of reducing environmental impact.

Little by little, there is more and more awareness that this is a serious issue, and that technological developments can be carried out with an ecological perspective, which are just as efficient, or even more, than current paradigms and tools. An example of this change is the increasing use of electric cars, without the emission of polluting gases, and another example is found in models such as CUDOS distributed computing.

Reduced environmental impact by using cloud computing

The myriad of tasks we do with software today could be done in the same way, and even better, using distributed cloud computing. In this way, it would no longer be necessary to acquire physical equipment for computer procedures, this would be replaced by remote access to the distributed capacity through the CUDOS blockchain.

In this way, the environmental impact is drastically reduced for several reasons. First, the number of physical devices to be manufactured would be reduced, due to the current under-utilization of resources, which could easily be distributed to form part of the network infrastructure for the cloud. Second, the amount of energy consumed is also reduced, since in many cases people do not use the devices at the same time or for the same purposes, either for leisure or work.

As we can see, this model is remarkably friendly to the environment, in addition to the fact that companies also benefit from operating costs. By not having to acquire or update hardware related to physical equipment, they obtain considerable savings, representing a higher level of productive profits. Distributed cloud computing is expected to increase fivefold by 2030, and it is the efficiency of its use and its pollution reduction that largely drives its progress.

Final thoughts

We must become aware that the environmental issue is an issue that concerns us all, since it is our home that is in danger. Technological developments are necessary, but efforts must be made to articulate means that lead to environmentally friendly developments. The model proposed by CUDOS presents us with a completely valid option to use distributed computing in the cloud with blockchain guarantees, helping to reduce the environmental impact considerably.

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