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CUDOS and Exeedme platform alliance: How gamers can make profits

The CUDOS alliance with the blockchain-based platform Exeedme has been formalized, which allows video game players from all over the world to obtain economic benefits, through participation in tournaments and bets for certain achievements or challenges to be carried out within the games , and all this in real time, obtaining the returns of these transactions instantly, in addition to obtaining profits when not playing, providing computing capacity to the network, all this allowed thanks to the computing potential of the CUDOS network.

Players obtaining economic benefits

If we analyze the current panorama, we see that there are a large number of video game players around the world who would like to obtain economic benefits doing what they like, but the reality is that participating in some type of tournament or competition is often viable only for a tiny number of people, who are only those who manage to have the means to access.

It is estimated that only approximately 1% of the world’s total video game players manage to have access to participate in events or competitions through which they earn income doing what they like, which leaves a huge number of people without power even being able to participate, a situation that thanks to the Exeedme platform and the computational power of CUDOS now becomes different.

Thanks to the computing power of the CUDOS network and the blockchain-based platform Exeedme, now video game players will be able to participate in tournaments or place bets online with other people for realizing certain achievements or challenges within the game and thus obtain an economic benefit from a totally secure way, directly without intermediaries and having total control over profits.

Opportunity to profit when not playing

Another interesting point for video game players thanks to the CUDOS network is the possibility of obtaining profits when they are not playing, providing computing capacity to the network through their computers or video game consoles, something that translates into a mutual benefit for the blockchain and obtaining profitable benefits for those who want it when they are not using the devices.

Currently computing power is underused, since people who obtain powerful devices to play video games, are only using that power in a tiny period of time that is when they are playing, making all this computing power idle the rest of the time, that is why, thanks to the CUDOS network, they will be able to obtain gains for computing capacity at such times.

In this way, video game players will earn profits when they are playing as well as when they are not. Thanks to the CUDOS network, players can monetize their hardware for blockchain calculations and in this way obtain extra profits, which translates into greater profitability. In this way, a bridge is generated that unites users with the possibility of obtaining profitability for their activity.

The Exeedme gaming platform

The blockchain-based gaming platform Exeedme, which can be found at raises the possibility of obtaining profits for all those players in the world no matter where they are, since it allows players to obtain rewards for their skills by betting in real time with other players.

Exeedme’s vision is to build a blockchain-based gaming platform where players can earn a living in a reliable, safe way and by doing the activity they love: Playing. Work is underway with CUDOS to license players to make better use of computing power. Transactions occur in a much faster way and with lower costs thanks to the blockchain capacity of CUDOS.

The Blockchain, DeFi and NFT innovations built into Exeedme enable peer-to-peer gamer skills and new economies to emerge. These economies are based on the players and focus on rewarding them first. Exeedme’s technology will allow the majority of the money flows in its economy to go directly to players of all skill levels. Gamers no longer have to be professionals to make money playing video games.

Final thoughts

As we can see, this new alliance between CUDOS and the blockchain-based gaming platform Exeedme is very important, since CUDOS provides the necessary computing capacity to make transactions faster and with lower costs and also gives the possibility to players of video games around the world to be able to earn income by doing what they love, either when they are playing or when they are not, monetizing their hardware for blockchain calculations.

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