Cudos: laying the foundations for web3

We are on the way to web3, Cudos being a disruptive project for its development. There are many elements necessary for the evolution of the web, but without a doubt, decentralization is a fundamental pillar. New generation blockchain networks will play a leading role in this direction.

Towards decentralization

Decentralization is the fundamental pillar for this new era of the web, given that «centralization» by large technology companies is one of the main drawbacks today. New generation blockchain networks allow new parameters to be established to achieve a better distribution of resources.

The power that the large corporations have concentrated has been so wide that this has practically led to a computer monopoly. Our data is stored on the servers belonging to these companies, without us being able to know for sure what they are really used for. Cudos proposes a new model, in which decentralization is the central axis.

Web3 must be an era marked by decentralization, since otherwise, we would find ourselves immersed in a system that will continue to manipulate our information. This new paradigm brings with it new elements that are incorporated into the web scene, such as new forms of financial organization, resulting in the «economy of creators», a whole new way of trading without intermediaries.

Distributed Cloud Computing

Web3 would require extra computational capacity, to be able to solve the platforms efficiently, without having to depend on an expensive hardware architecture. The Cudos model is completely suitable for these purposes, since thanks to it, the underutilized capacity of the devices is used.

This new paradigm benefits both platforms and users, since the latter receive benefits for sharing their underutilized capacity. Cudos is focused on developing a quality main network, for which the final details are being finalized, with a view to the official launch in June.

Distributed computing in the cloud can be used for multiple uses that require technical capacity. The interesting thing about this model is that companies can hire the requirements according to the quota they need. This in turn contributes to the environment, since the use of physical hardware is not required, taking advantage of the devices that are already in use.

New developments for web3

One of the most commented developments in recent times, and which represents one of the pillars in web3, is the metaverse. Through this new space, we will be able to enjoy immersive realities, to interact in a new way. This innovative universe will open up new economic and social possibilities for users around the world.

Networks like Cudos also play a fundamental role here, since they provide a decentralized environment, the necessary tools for the development of quality products, and the necessary security framework for all types of transactions. Thanks to blockchain technology, information can be stored without it running the risk of being maliciously manipulated.

Cudos has generated partnerships and strategic alliances with renowned companies in the sector, with the aim of paving the way for truly disruptive developments. In the near future, we will be able to enjoy the deployment of these types of products, backed by a vanguard network.


The web3 is underway, bringing new possibilities for companies and users, where new elements are incorporated into the scene. New generation blockchain networks will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in its expansion. Cudos has the necessary characteristics to guarantee a decentralized framework, with appropriate security support for projects.

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