CUDOS game console token

Could CUDOS Contribute To The Next-Gen Consoles Development?

In this article we will analyze the benefits that the CUDOS blockchain offers, and how these could contribute to the development of new generation consoles, such as Microsoft Xbox Series, Sony Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch, collaborating to the expansion of its technical capabilities and the inclusion of tokens in digital stores for the acquisition of games.

Video game industry

The video game industry, at present, has taken on impressive dimensions, and it has even surpassed the cinema. With the advancement of technology, video games have evolved to a point where their technical capabilities allow real works of art to be represented on the screen.

These advances entail an implementation of unprecedented technical capabilities, which have been possible thanks to the developments that have been made in recent times, regarding new technologies. Thanks to this, video games have now become great productions

From the first generations of video games to the current ones, this industry has undergone a very important evolution, starting from a mere children’s entertainment, to becoming a mega activity that represents multimillion-dollar revenues for a very large number of companies.

Challenges for next-generation developments

At first, video games did not require a great demand in terms of technical skills for their development, since the technologies were very limited in their origins, and therefore it was slowly establishing itself as an entertainment industry. Over the years, it attracted more and more followers.

Currently, the industry faces great challenges, and it is that players are increasingly demanding in terms of technical requirements, such as greater graphics, but these issues bring about several issues from the point of view of physical requirements, in as far as computational capacity is concerned.

To solve technical problems, we find characteristics in distributed computing in the cloud that allow us to give an adequate response to the problem. By means of these types of technologies, it could be possible to obtain capabilities for rendering images with much lower costs than those that exist today to develop physical hardware.

Solutions that CUDOS presents

We have raised in the previous lines the current problems that the videogame industry is facing, now well, let’s develop some questions that could find a solution with the distributed computing in the cloud that CUDOS gives us. Among the problems, we find the limitation that video game consoles present in terms of physical capacity to run increasingly powerful games.

For example, one of the most important problems for the execution of video games is the one related to the rendering of images on the screen. This issue represents one of the biggest drawbacks in the face of such rapid progress in the development of new technologies. This is where CUDOS distributed cloud computing could contribute, for decentralized rendering by users sharing their underused technical quota of their devices.

One of the most important possibilities that this type of technology allows is to be able to develop streaming video games, where the technical capabilities are distributed in the cloud, and users can enter from their consoles, using the benefits of the network. In this way, such large investments in hardware would no longer be necessary, which entails a reduction in production costs, seeing them reflected in the final price that the user pays. In addition, the CUDOS tokens could be integrated into virtual stores, allowing purchases of games or items for them, directly with blockchain technology.


As we see based on the analysis of this article, CUDOS technology could become a fundamental piece for the development of video games in new generation consoles, giving the possibility of expanding the technical capabilities for rendering them, in addition, it would be viable use the CUDOS token in order to make purchases in digital stores.

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