Cudos: the blockchain support that Web3 needs

The «Web3» concept encompasses all the new technologies that are laying the foundations for the development of the new web era. Blockchain is one of the most important components in this framework, the Cudos network being the necessary support to ensure the transparency of operations and digital platforms.

Developments in a troubled world

We are currently going through one of the most difficult moments in history, given that we are going through the first stages of the post-pandemic by Covid-19, in turn the war between Russia and Ukraine has further destabilized the economies of all countries in the world, as well as the markets in general. We can appreciate that we are facing a scenario of constant convulsion.

However, technological evolution continues, proof of this is the large number of blockchain projects that continue to develop despite the bear market. The Cudos network has achieved a number of milestones in recent times, the most notable being the launch of its mainnet. Thanks to this, the first important associations for the ecosystem begin to be generated.

Being immersed in all the world problems described, many times we tend to believe that times have slowed down, but reality shows us that this is not the case. Blockchain adoption continues to grow day by day, and probably when global issues tend to stabilize we will see a much bigger explosion in terms of use cases.

Why do we need to move towards Web3?

Many times when talking about Web3 it seems like an imposition, as if we should move towards something that we don’t fully understand. The reality is that this is more a necessity than an obligation, because in the current Web2 there are many components that have been strongly questioned, due to its centralizing and non-transparent nature.

One of the most serious situations and of which little is remembered, is the one that has to do with the improper use of data. Many times as users we trust the platforms, providing our personal information, photos, documents, etc. Unfortunately, the corporations behind it use all this in their favor for purposes other than those stipulated.

The advance towards a new web era promises to end many of these situations, due to the use of blockchain technology. Thanks to this tool, we can be sure of what our data is used for, with guarantees of its correct treatment. Undoubtedly, this is one of the central axes to advance in this direction.

Cudos as security backup

Cudos is a state-of-the-art blockchain network, it has the benefits of being part of a series of new developments that guarantee the decentralization of information. Through Cudo Compute, the underutilized technical capabilities of devices can be used, forming a network infrastructure capable of high computing performance. If we combine these capacities, we are facing one of the most innovative projects of recent times.

In this way, we are facing a security architecture never seen before, where cloud services can count on the necessary support to guarantee efficient performance. The transparency that can be obtained through the Cudos network is a commitment to users around the world who have been defrauded by the services used today.

Blockchain technology allows for a superior security framework compared to traditional systems, since the network does not depend on a central node. On the contrary, it is the users themselves who are part of the architecture, providing absolute transparency in decision-making. Cudos continues to evolve in this direction and you must also be part of this phenomenon.


The term Web3 encompasses all the innovative technologies that are part of the new web era that is under development, with blockchain being one of the fundamental components. The Cudos network has the necessary characteristics to become the security support that this new scheme requires.

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