Cudos: interoperability in the construction of a decentralized cloud

As blockchain developments progress, new elements are brought onto the scene. Thanks to distributed computing in the Cudos cloud, innovative projects that provide decentralized solutions are being generated. Interoperability puts us in front of a new collaborative scenario to build sustainable applications, through the interaction among multiple chains.

Importance of a decentralized cloud

New developments are demanding a large amount of computing resources to be able to deploy their platforms. Based on this, it is necessary to look for alternatives that provide efficient tools in the construction of sustainable projects. One of the biggest problems that companies face is related to operating costs due to the large investments in hardware that they must make.

Given this scenario, the idea of ​​using cloud services arises, which can be contracted as a service, thus reducing costs. The inconvenience that arises is centralization, something that threatens the security of the systems. Large corporations monopolize access to this type of platform, excluding small developers.

In response, Cudos has designed an innovative distributed computing model in the cloud with blockchain support, which guarantees the necessary decentralization. In this way, you can have access to a quality service with high security and speed parameters. Thanks to this new paradigm, small businesses around the world can keep up with big competitors.

Development of new platforms

The Cudos MainNet was recently launched, allowing a large number of projects to begin to be deployed. These types of developments make use of blockchain technology to be able to generate their applications much more efficiently than through more traditional platforms. Thanks to these tools, a higher level of features can be exploited.

One of the most important issues that blockchain brings is security for projects. Thanks to the parameters of the new generation protocols, the data is stored safely and with the necessary guarantees that it will not be modified. As the information cannot be adulterated, the databases are protected against computer attacks.

Cudos is generating a true revolution in access to a decentralized cloud. To this is added the interoperability that this network allows, thanks to its extensive list of partners, many of whom are dedicated to the development of «bridges».

Blockchain interoperability

Blockchain interoperability allows us to connect blockchains to each other, regardless of their protocols. This is something that is very beneficial for everyone, since you can interact between networks. If a certain blockchain network cannot connect with the rest, it would be isolated, as if it were an island in a huge ocean.

The challenge in the design of the «bridges» is to increase the security parameters when carrying out the transactions, since this type of issue can cause a hack at that precise moment. Thanks to the advances made, risks are now being drastically reduced, leading to efficient interoperability.

Cudos has the potential to make great contributions to blockchain developments through interoperability, since its technology can be combined with other types of applications to develop various areas. The generation of Dapps needs this type of interconnection to be able to operate in multiple chains, regardless of their origin.


The decentralized cloud is necessary so that projects can operate in a guaranteed manner, with the security that there is no data manipulation, something that blockchain technology provides without problems. Interoperability is necessary so that multiple chains can interact, Cudos being a platform that provides the necessary characteristics in the construction of this type of solution.

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