Benefits present in the main network of Cudos

Recently, the Cudos mainnet was successfully launched, constituting a true milestone for the entire blockchain universe. Its mainnet has several benefits for users and developers, which we will discuss in this article.

Cudos: benefits of its main network

After a lot of hard work by the developers and the community in general, the Cudos mainnet finally saw the light of day with success. This release includes a host of benefits for both content creators and end users. Thanks to the tests carried out on its incentivized testnet, it was possible to correct a large number of critical errors, currently having a quality product.

One of the greatest qualities of the Cudos network is that it offers a flexible infrastructure with great potential for the development of projects in different fields such as Web3, metaverse, blockchain games, NFT and DApps. Being able to deploy on a stable network allows developers to obtain the necessary guarantees for their products to be successful.

On the other hand, in addition to these qualities, Cudos offers incredible support for developers. These have a large number of tools at their disposal to be able to create easily on the Cudos network, benefiting from the support they need at all times.

Scalability, sustainability and interoperability of the network

As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the Cudos mainnet provides great advantages for projects. One of the central axes for the growth of any project is «scalability». Because Cudos is a Layer-1 network and a Layer-2 computing solution, it is highly scalable, managing to adapt the architecture according to needs.

In addition, Cudos offers much lower fees than its competitors, such as Ethereum, which facilitates operations with a significant reduction in operating costs. This blockchain, in turn, offers unmatched performance, enabling decentralized computing in the cloud with blockchain support.

Cudos is a new generation network committed to the environment, which is why it is completely sustainable. To achieve this, the blockchain incorporates a series of programs for carbon offsetting, minimizing its negligible carbon footprint. Thanks to distributed computing in the cloud, Cudos helps to eliminate the pollution generated by the large amount of underused hardware throughout the world.

Features that empower future developments

The main network of Cudos includes a series of characteristics that allow to promote the developments of the future. Security is very important for any blockchain project, something that Cudos solves through its growing network of validators and its solid infrastructure of nodes, which together contribute to protect the network.

The developments that will take place in the medium term include a large number of projects related to NFTs. In this sense, Cudos presents qualities that make it the first network of its kind to provide support for native NFTs. Undoubtedly, this feature will be used in a positive way by content generators, present in the new «creators’ economy».

The Cudos mainnet has the advantage of being highly flexible, thanks to its powerful smart contract tools that are easy to use. In turn, the management of assets within the network allows the generation of a wide range of decentralized applications.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the great work that is being done regarding interoperability, since it is a necessary issue to be able to connect the different blockchains with each other. In this sense, several bridges are under development, such as “Gravity Bridge”, guaranteeing that web3 is really integrated.


The launch of the main network of Cudos, allows to generate a true revolution in the blockchain industry, where projects can take advantage of the true decentralization of the network. This blockchain has characteristics and a unique business model of its kind, granting scalability, interoperability and security in a flexible way, thanks to its sustainable and completely efficient architecture.

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