The development of the Cudos ecosystem begins

With the recent launch of the Cudos mainnet, the foundation for the development of its ecosystem begins to be laid. Thanks to this novelty, developers will be able to start testing their products on the mainnet.

The beginning of a new stage

With the launch of the main network, a new stage begins in the Cudos network. After several years of development to fine-tune its infrastructure, the Cudos mainnet is finally here with us. This will allow network developers to deploy their projects to reach the real world.

With this, a true novelty is given way, since from this point the real development of its ecosystem begins, which can be nourished by the advantages that the blockchain offers. It is undoubtedly a milestone for decentralized cloud computing and the blockchain universe in general.

Thanks to the benefits that Cudos offers, we will be able to see disruptive projects that reach the world using a high-quality underlying technology.

Building the ecosystem

As Cudos progressed to get ready for the mainnet launch, it made important partnerships. This allows today to have a base for the construction of a robust ecosystem, which will surely embark on an upward path in the medium term.

As with any Nobel network, this will surely not happen overnight, but not because of the quality of the blockchain, but because it takes a long way to go for projects to take hold of the technology. Thanks to the characteristics that Cudos presents, we have a unique development of its kind, capable of offering solutions to both companies and users in general.

Cudos has a loyal community that has followed the project since its inception, so it is great news to be able to announce that from now on we are entering a new phase for the digital scene.

Potential of Cudos in the blockchain universe

Cudos is a unique blockchain project of its kind, capable of providing decentralized solutions regarding distributed computing services in the cloud. This is why we are facing a development with great intrinsic value. Its incentivized testnet was launched with the goal of ensuring a bug-free network infrastructure.

This network can be used for the development of web3, since it has benefits that can be used to generate non-fungible tokens and applications related to the metaverse. Decentralization is the key in all of this, since the central power in the hands of big technology corporations has been one of the biggest criticisms on web2.

The Cudos model offers the possibility for users to receive rewards for providing the underutilized capacity of devices to make up network infrastructures. This in turn is used by the companies, which can contract the technical requirements in installments according to their needs.

This is just a general overview of the multiple uses that this blockchain offers, which we will surely see unfold in the short term.


After successfully passing several phases of testing on the incentivized testnet, Cudos has finally launched its mainnet. With this, its ecosystem begins to develop, giving developers the opportunity to deploy their projects in the real world.

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