Use cases: CUDOS Markets launches “Genesis” collection with former Nike designer

The vibrant CUDOS ecosystem is pleased to announce that CUDOS Markets has launched its NFT “Genesis” collection by artist Delux3, who previously served as a senior designer at Nike. The platform developed within the CUDOS Blockchain ecosystem and by members of the development team, incorporates innovative functions. Here we tell you all the details.

The CUDOS Markets revolution

CUDOS Markets incorporates several modules within its platform, one of them is the innovative NFT through Bitcoin sustainable hashrate; users can receive this asset as a reward from renewable energy sources. The ecological commitment of CUDOS provides a solution to the much questioned situation of the indiscriminate use of Bitcoin by miners, so that users can receive clean rewards.

In this way, it is guaranteed that all BTC rewards come exclusively from 100% renewable sources. CUDOS Markets is a tokenizing asset market such as NFT, which offers the possibility of obtaining sustainable Hashrate from mining farms that maintain a commitment to ecology, through the use of sustainable energy.

The platform makes use of the CUDOS blockchain network and, in turn, has been built thanks to the work and experience obtained by the CUDO Compute subsidiary, as well as the CUDO Venture matrix. In this way, the entire CUDOS ecosystem is at the basis of the project to generate true innovation.

Launch of the NFT “Genesis” collection

One of the main modules of the platform is that of NFT collections, which is why its long-awaited “Genesis” collection was recently launched at CUDOS Markets. It is in charge of the artist Delux3, who previously held a position as a designer at the giant Nike.

This artist successfully ventured into the Solana ecosystem, where he gained experience for NFT design. The collection available at CUDOS Markets follows his characteristic design line, which includes street style, with bright color tones.

Buyers have the opportunity to earn one of five NFT tiers in terms of hash rate. Additionally, entrants will have the opportunity to mint one of three unique collectibles hidden within the Genesis Collection.

For this launch, the operation of the CUDOS blockchain is essential, since the network operates as the general infrastructure of the project, efficiently guaranteeing operations. This is how CUDOS Markets is positioned as one of the most important projects of recent times, not only within the CUDOS ecosystem, but throughout the industry in general.

To see the collection, you can enter the site:

Other modules to be released on CUDOS Markets

In addition to the NFT collections, CUDOS Markets incorporates a series of disruptive modules to its platform, which will allow users to obtain rewards. One of the modules that will be released soon is the Games module, where participants will compete for rewards.

In addition to the games, contests will also be incorporated so that users can obtain rewards through them, as well as the possibility of accessing real-world assets.

On the other hand, another positive point of the platform is that they are planning to enable voting so that the community can make decisions about products and game development in the future.

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CUDOS Markets is the demonstration of how the CUDOS network can be applied to develop an innovative platform that combines NFTs and Games, giving users the opportunity to receive Bitcoin rewards from 100% renewable sources. This project is launched following the guidelines and sustainable objectives, present in the general architecture of the network.

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