Cudos Testnet Launched

CUDOS Blockchain launches its private testnet

Adding to the great evolution that CUDOS has been presenting in recent times, this great news has recently been known, and it is that the private test network has been launched, which will help to drastically reduce costs compared to competitors such as Amazon, in addition to that it will be possible to take advantage of the benefits of decentralization that the CUDOS network offers us, without losing sight of the greater security framework that this includes, providing accessibility for all.

The CUDOS private TEST-NET is a reality

We are so excited to share this great news with all of you! And it is not for less, since it was recently known that the CUDOS network has officially launched its private test network. This launch will allow developers to carry out project-based tests, in order to make the necessary network adjustments, all with a view to launching the public test network soon, which will allow any external developer to participate in the testnet.

Soon, as CUDOS has officially announced, all the tests that the developers consider necessary will be carried out on the private testnet to make sure that everything is working correctly, which is a great step, taking into account that if everything goes as planned, In a few more weeks we will be in a position to have the public test network with us, where any project developer interested in testing will be able to have access and in this way continue to expand the CUDOS ecosystem.

This means that great times are coming for the CUDOS network, where we will be able to see every day a greater number of developers who rely on distributed computing in the cloud join, which is not only good news for the CUDOS community, but also for around the world, given that decentralization is the path to fairer services with lower costs than the centralized services that are provided today, so the CUDOS blockchain universe will be greatly expanded in the coming months.

What are a Test-net?

Test-net are test networks, which are not immersed in the blockchain, but are outside of it, but simulating the real environment in which the applications that are developed will be interacting. This brings great benefits for developers, since they can carry out all the tests they consider necessary before launching a Dapp, having full assurance that everything works properly.

As we can see, test networks are very important for a blockchain, because they are where the adjustments are made prior to the launch of applications that will then be used by everyone, that is why it is necessary to carry out critical tests beforehand to thus avoiding security problems or failures, something that is very important in the case of blockchains, tokens or cryptocurrencies.

To make these testnets work, the programmers generate slightly different genesis blocks, at the same time that markers are added to them, which allows these blocks to not be added to the chain, thus preventing them from being part of the operational blockchain , which is known as Main-net. The Test-net, in addition to being used for developer tests, allow tests to be carried out on future updates that will be added later to the Main-net, to make sure that everything is correctly adjusted.

Speed ​​and low costs within everyone’s reach

As we know, it is very important when starting a project, mainly in Latin American countries, to take into account and be able to access low operating costs, given that the resources that most developers have are very scarce, that is why CUDOS is an ideal ecosystem for this type of innovation, because it gives us the possibility of being able to access a network with great speed, security and also costs that are far below any other available option.

Being able to offer the possibility that CUDOS gives regarding costs, attracts small developers who have incredible ideas, but who due to lack of resources cannot get to translate them into reality, that is why the great advantages that the network has, now the possibility of being able to aspire to participate in its public testnet when it is launched is being added, once all the adjustments that the developers are making on the private nobel Test-net have been completed as soon as possible.

CUDOS continues with a fixed course to become the most accessible decentralized cloud computing network on the market, providing not only the possibility of being included in projects to developers from all over the world, but also, providing the possibility of obtaining economic benefits to users around the globe, for participating by sharing underused computing resources on their devices. Day by day the foundations of CUDOS continue to settle, we hope to continue seeing great developments on this platform in the medium term.

Final analysis

As we saw in this article, it is very exciting for the entire CUDOS community to be able to receive the news that their private Test-net is already operational, since this will lead to the activation of the public Test-net in the short term, where developers from all over the world will be able to participate, and in this way, make the necessary adjustments to their projects, carrying out the necessary tests, and then launch them taking advantage of all the benefits of the distributed computing capacity in the cloud that CUDOS offers us, enables all this with great speed and low operating costs.

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