Cudos network solutions for current problems

The Cudos network contributes to achieving a new digital era with better conditions, both for companies and users. Thanks to the features present in the Cudos infrastructure, greater efficiency and benefits can be obtained.

Paradigm shift

We are currently at the gates of a new era, where many elements are incorporated and others are modified. Some of the issues that have brought the most controversy are those related to decentralization, given the problems caused by the monopoly of data in the hands of large technology corporations.

To respond to centralization, the Cudos network has a truly decentralized network infrastructure, guaranteed thanks to its distributed cloud computing model. On the one hand, this benefits companies, which can have their platforms backed by blockchain, as well as users, giving them greater power in decision-making and the protection of their sensitive information.

End users are the central axis of this new era, since they will have in their hands the possibility of defining community destinations. In this way, the central organs of traditional government will undergo changes for the benefit of the different ecosystems. This is how we are entering a new direction, to improve current platforms and services.

Leaving “proof of work” (PoW) protocols behind

First-generation networks feature “proof of work” (Pow) protocols, which require “mining” to generate and validate block data. This model exhibits several drawbacks, since a large amount of computer equipment is needed to perform the necessary tasks in solving mathematical puzzles. In turn, this issue generates a large amount of polluting emissions due to excessive energy consumption.

New generation blockchain networks, such as Cudos, make use of more modern and efficient protocols, such as «proof of participation». Through this protocol, users participate in the network by performing different types of activities. In the case of the Cudos network, users make up the overall infrastructure, by incorporating the technical capacity present in their underutilized devices.

This approach offers great benefits for users, since with the equipment in their possession, they can contribute to generating the technical capacity that companies are requiring, receiving benefits for it. On the other hand, companies can hire computing resources through this innovative business model, drastically reducing operating costs.

Uses that fit reality

With the development of the ecosystem, the projects begin to unfold, solving real problems. Cudos contributes on this path, providing efficient tools for the challenges that arise in today’s world. Thanks to distributed computing in the cloud, new conditions and opportunities are generated for technological platforms.

Systems today consume a large amount of computing resources, which is why companies must make increasing investments in physical hardware. That is why the migration to cloud services is underway. The current options, in this sense, are extremely centralized, so that the costs do not usually adjust to the reality of the companies.

Cudos not only allows you to reduce costs, but in turn, the security it provides through the network is in first level parameters. In this way, the services provided by the platform are adjusted to reality, generating solutions in all aspects. On the other hand, users can enjoy quality products, but with the advantages of new blockchain technology and decentralized procedures.


The Cudos network is generating the necessary conditions to respond to existing problems. Through its disruptive model, this new generation blockchain network offers a platform capable of contributing to the scalability of the projects that feed on it. In this way, the uses are adjusted to reality, providing benefits for both companies and end users, who find true solutions to their needs.

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