Cudos will allow the tokenization of objects to use in the metaverse

The metaverse is still booming and will eventually become a virtual space in which we will interact in the near future. The tokenization of real-world objects to bring them into these digital environments will be crucial. The Cudos network has the infrastructure to make this possible, and much more.

Tokenization of real-life items

The possibility of tokenizing real-life objects, in order to transfer them to the digital universe through blockchain, really opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to this practice, it is possible to carry out virtual transactions with the support of a cutting-edge underlying technology such as blockchain. For example, one of the first steps being taken in this regard is property tokenization.

Being able to tokenize a property allows that asset to be transferred to the metaverse and, in this way, the foundations are established to begin generating a new economic model based on digital assets. This is just one of the many elements that we can transform into tokens, so that we can then trade within an immersive reality.

Let us think that the new “creator economy” is gestating, where content generators bring their products directly to the public. Thanks to the metaverse, it will be possible to tokenize practically any element of daily life and trade with them quickly, safely and directly.

Possibilities of tokenization

Tokenization has the advantage of being able to digitally divide an item into several virtual parts, thus providing the possibility of acquiring a small portion of an expensive object, which might otherwise be impossible to buy. This practice is beginning to be used in real estate, where the owners of each token have the equivalent ownership of those holdings.

This gives way to a new scheme of owners, where you have access to services and investments that are unthinkable under traditional parameters. This new paradigm generates financial inclusion for people around the world, who with very little money can access a safe investment.

The role of Cudos in this new model

Cudos has extensive features, thanks to its distributed computing model in the cloud and its extensive network of blockchain partners, the necessary computing capacity can be generated to meet the requirements of this ecosystem. This new-generation blockchain has a robust structure, in which both companies that can hire adequate capacity for fees and users who receive rewards for underusing their devices are beneficiaries.

Right now we are at the foundation of this whole universe, but let’s think that the technology is already available, therefore it is only a matter of time before we start to see mass adoption. The Cudos network is about to launch its mainnet, with its incentivized testnet in the final stages. Thanks to the development of these intensive stages, critical errors could be corrected to offer a secure and scalable product.

It is appropriate to think of Cudos for this type of use, since it is a network that guarantees decentralization. In this way, it will be possible to avoid the centralization of data by large technology corporations, which ensures a more transparent framework for both companies and end users.


Undoubtedly, the tokenization of everyday objects to transfer them to the metaverse will constitute one of the pillars in this new digital age. Being able to tokenize real estate is one of the most notable use cases, but this can be applied for any object in order to build the foundations of the “creator economy”. Cudos presents the characteristics and network infrastructure necessary to efficiently meet these objectives.

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