Analyzing the Web3 through the development of Cudos

We are entering a new era for the web, where disruptive technologies play a key role. Solutions such as those provided by the Cudos blockchain network allow progress towards greater decentralization and transparency.

Construction of a new stage

The new scenario that is being built has several challenges ahead. Mainly, transparency is one of the most questioned areas in current platforms, such as social networks or search engines. To deal with these problems, blockchain networks such as Cudos emerge, which are capable of granting new parameters to promote a healthier ecosystem.

Of course this is not an easy path, a lot of obstacles will continue to appear. That is why this new Web3 era puts greater control in decision-making in the hands of users. Through this approach, it is hoped that it will be the people who provide a more democratic vision regarding endless issues related to internet destinations and platforms.

Many times we question large technology corporations for the decisions they make, it is time to get down to work as users and participate in these decentralized initiatives. Cudos has unique characteristics that position it as a blockchain network with great potential to allow the development of innovative projects in this regard.

The metaverse as center stage

Much has been said about the metaverse, this new virtual space where we can interact in ways never seen before. For this digital world to come to life, it is essential that there is a decentralized infrastructure that supports this type of platform.

Let us remember that decentralization is essential in this entire scheme, otherwise, resources will continue to be centralized in the hands of a few. In order to achieve this promise, the Cudos network has designed a robust backbone capable of hosting metaverse-related projects, offering speed, security, and low operating costs.

For this type of virtual space to perform efficiently in reality, an infrastructure capable of providing the necessary technical capabilities for its operation is required. «Cudo Compute» provides the ideal framework to achieve these goals, through its distributed computing model in the cloud, added to the Cudos blockchain support.

The problem of storage and security in the Web3

As everyone knows, as technology advances, systems consume many more resources and require more storage. This is one of the big problems that developers face, since every time they incorporate updates to their software, they require investments in hardware or expensive data centers.

A smart solution to the storage issue is the rise of cloud services. In this way, companies or organizations can hire the technical capacity required at the exact moment as a service. Unfortunately, this type of service is expensive and highly centralized, which is why many developers cannot access it.

This is how Cudo Compute has developed an innovative business model, which is contributing to the deployment of projects for Web3, at fractions of the regular price. The focus is on decentralized cloud services, taking advantage of underutilized capacity on existing devices in the hands of users. In this way, everyone benefits and contributes to technological progress.

In turn, another of the great problems that we are currently facing is the security of private data. Cudos, through its highly efficient and scalable blockchain network, provides the necessary support to guarantee the treatment of information.


Heading towards Web3, there are many obstacles along the way, therefore efficient tools are required to resolve the problems. The Cudos network provides technical capabilities for the development of innovative solutions in the construction of this new era.

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