Cudos contributions for the new digital age

The world is constantly evolving, and without a doubt, technology offers the tools for its development. We are entering a new digital era, where blockchain networks will play a fundamental role. Heading towards web3, Cudos presents the characteristics required in the construction of this new paradigm.

New technologies

New technologies, such as blockchains, offer innumerable development possibilities for communities throughout the planet. Web 2.0 brought with it several problems, including those related to data security, given the manipulation of information, which occurs by large corporations. This situation shows that a change of direction is required.

Web3 revives the old concepts that were born in the conception of the Internet, where an interconnected network with high decentralization parameters was planned. Unfortunately in all these years those initial ideas were lost, becoming a scenario of excessive centralization. Now we have a unique opportunity to switch to a new model.

New technologies can help people generate new sources of income, so make sure they are available to the entire population. There are large economic differences between the various regions of the world, but blockchain is making those gaps smaller by including integration parameters and educational plans.

Possibilities that open up

Thanks to these new technologies, people can access new development possibilities. The idea of ​​the metaverse, for example, brings with it endless opportunities for content generators to have new ways of reaching their audience. With this, a new economic model is born, called the «creator economy», which includes new forms of financial development never seen before.

Without a doubt, this is giving way to a true revolution, which is just beginning. We are at a crucial time, where ecosystems are propping up their foundations, in order to build a true decentralized universe. Next-generation blockchain networks like Cudos are creating the environment for growth in the digital age.

Cudos contributions for this new era

Cudos makes great contributions to the development of this new digital age. Thanks to its distributed computing model in the cloud, projects that require large computing capacities can be deployed with minimal costs. Developer companies will not have to worry about making large investments in physical hardware.

This approach allows small emerging companies, that do not have a large budget, to be able to plan their business model in a scalable way. This situation is possible, thanks to the fact that Cudos allows services to be contracted for “capacity quotas” while this comes from the underuse of other devices.

Users who decide to contribute their excess computing power to make up the Cudos network infrastructure will receive rewards for it. The interesting thing about this model is that anyone can participate, regardless of the device they have.

Platforms such as the metaverse will require great computational capacity, this is where the idea of ​​a blockchain network becomes important, which also provides an optimal security framework. The release date for the main Cudos network is very close, so soon we will be able to enjoy a large number of projects that put these issues into practice.


We are entering a new digital era, where it is necessary to think of a new paradigm. As a result of this, the idea of ​​web3 was born, where the initial ideas of the conception of the internet are intended to be retaken, to provide a true decentralization to the network. Cudos presents the necessary characteristics to make significant contributions in this direction.

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