Cudos works on the latest settings to launch a quality mainnet

Many people get impatient when a release is delayed, but we must understand that it is crucial for the future of the Cudos network that all gears are well adjusted. Therefore, this blockchain is committed to ensuring the security to launch a fully efficient mainnet.

The success of the test network (Testnet)

Through the program established for its test network, called “Project Artemis”, Cudos was able to successfully make the necessary adjustments in this crucial phase for the development of the entire ecosystem. Currently, the fourth and final stage for the “Incentivized Testnet” is nearing completion. Thanks to this, key security issues could be corrected, while many developers joined, who will be the ones who will generate the foundations of the future in Cudos.

Having managed to correct certain issues related to the network infrastructure, Cudos is on track to launch its main network. It is necessary to understand that it is useless to rush developments of this type, since it would not be convenient for there to be flaws in a blockchain designed to be the launching pad for innovative projects related to metaverse products, NFTs and gamified realities, where the security framework is essential.

Times are necessary

In any type of technological development, time is very important, that is why in this new blockchain era, users must understand that not everything will always be framed within the original scheduled dates. This issue is due to the fact that, as in everything new and pioneering, it is necessary to make several important changes before launching a product, preventing by all means that it ends up being defective as soon as it sees the light.

Blockchains like Cudos are essential for ecosystem developments, as thanks to them, the new generation is establishing itself in this digital age, finding us heading towards web 3.0 to fulfill the promise of a completely decentralized web.

Due to the above, it is more than necessary to be patient and understand that times should not be rushed, since otherwise, we would be endorsing the launch of products that would not meet expectations. Any security flaw in a blockchain can be fatal, not only for that particular network, but it can threaten the entire blockchain universe in general.

What we can expect from the Cudos mainnet

We are probably on the verge of truly promising times for the entire ecosystem, with this imminent launch of the Cudos mainnet. This blockchain will allow the development of immersive, completely realistic and decentralized digital realities, for which projects are already underway. This network will facilitate the adoption of the metaverse, in a simple and transparent way for all participants.

The computing power that the Cudos network can achieve, through its model and infrastructure, will lay the foundation for establishing the blockchain-backed, distributed cloud computing of the future. Thanks to these capabilities we will be able to see on its platform, the deployment of applications that are really usable in real life, which will promote computer inclusion through quality developments, which in turn will provide solutions and new alternatives related to entertainment.


Undoubtedly, development times for an innovative product like Cudos cannot be rushed. You must wait patiently so as not to run the risk of launching a project that contains critical security flaws, which would not only attack that network in particular, but also harm the entire blockchain universe in general. With the launch of the main Cudos network, we will be able to obtain attractive developments that provide solutions in the real world, as well as new alternatives related to people’s entertainment.

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