descentralización nube revolución

Decentralization in the cloud can revolutionize the digital world

Cloud services are currently under centralized systems, but thanks to Cudos we could be facing a revolution. Decentralization offers great advantages, both for companies and for users. In this article we will carry out an analysis of the most outstanding points.

The cloud centralization problem

Systems are migrating to cloud platforms in order to provide their services. One of the fields where we can appreciate this is in storage, where this technology is used to store data remotely, making it very easy to access it. Currently, the vast majority of mobile phones use this methodology for multimedia content, and thus be able to save physical space on the devices.

The big problem that revolves around this is that of the centralization of services, given that if we continue to move in this direction, we would leave more and more data in the hands of large technology companies. The risk that this entails is that of users losing control of their information, without knowing what is really the destination or treatment that is being given.

Benefits of a decentralized cloud

Decentralization provides great advantages over current systems, as it gives us the opportunity to gain greater control over our data. As there is no central node that governs the network, we can obtain greater transparency for the treatment and processing of information. On centralized platforms, everything is stored in “data centers” owned by the dominant tech companies.

On the other hand, decentralized services are much less expensive for users and companies, since computing capacity is distributed through cloud architecture. In this regard, Cudos presents an efficient model to solve current problems, through distribution among network participants with blockchain support.

In this way, the computing capacity can be obtained «in installments», being able to increase or decrease the requirements according to the needs of the moment. This issue drastically reduces operating costs. 

Cudos and its model of distributed computing in the cloud for the construction of digital environments

Cudos has features that give it the power to become an emblem for distributed computing. All this is possible thanks to blockchain technology, which offers the advantage of being able to provide the security required for this type of initiative. In this way, we can think of a greater number of applications that can use these benefits, to bring their services directly to users around the world.

These days, one of the areas that is emerging with more force is that of the so-called «metaverse». In this universe, countless virtual environments will be created, in which users will be able to interact. It is here, where the idea of ​​decentralization gains even more strength, since it would not be feasible to think of a metaverse where only large companies have control and governance of what happens there.

Cudos as a platform can provide all the tools for content creators to use a distributed network infrastructure. This will promote the development of a more inclusive space, in which the necessary security conditions are guaranteed. Having such an innovative model and a backing such as a blockchain, opens the door for decentralized applications to be generated that contribute to building a fairer and more transparent digital environment.


Cudos is positioned as an ideal option for building a completely decentralized underlying network infrastructure. The problem with moving towards a centralized architecture is that all the processing of our data and information is left in the hands of large technology companies. Nowadays, the notion regarding the construction of the so-called “metaverse” is emerging, and this is where the idea of ​​decentralization with blockchain support gains strength, for the creation of a more transparent, inclusive and secure digital environment.

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