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CUDOS could contribute to a more secure treatment of data in social networks

At present, security problems related to data handled on social networks are increasingly recurrent, a situation that is mainly due to great centralization. In this article, we will discuss how CUDOS could contribute with its decentralized cloud computing for the treatment of sensitive information.

A centralization problem

The centralization of data is a problem in almost all areas that our lives go through, but a great obstacle that is appearing to a greater extent these days, is the one concerning the information we share on social networks, which is in the hands of the large companies that manage these platforms, and we do not know for sure what is really happening with our data.

This centralized model not only becomes captive from a technical point of view, but also brings with it innumerable security problems that can compromise us, without this type of platform giving us guarantees in this regard. Lately we have witnessed how problems of this type have put the most important networks out of service, without even knowing what the real cause was.

In addition to not knowing the causes that caused this type of platform to go offline, it is also not known exactly what the real consequences of this failure were, given that in a case like the one that occurred, cybercriminals could easily steal data from the servers, leaving exposed to millions of users. In a decentralized model under blockchain, this type of problem is almost impossible to occur.

Blockchain backup

The model presented by CUDOS for a distributed computing in the cloud with blockchain support, brings great advantages for the treatment of data in social networks, since in this way, they would be stored in a «decentralized» way, counting on all the security guarantees provided by blockchains.

One of the first advantages of decentralization in the treatment of information is that, in the event of any problem, there is an unchangeable record located in the chain, which will allow a transparent follow-up of the error. Another advantage in this regard is that blockchain networks are practically incorruptible, and the greater number of participants in them, this possibility is further reduced.

Blockchain technology in combination with the model offered by CUDOS, presents several interesting edges that can be used by social networks to provide greater security guarantees, providing greater transparency to all procedures, something that under the current centralized paradigm is impossible, leaving the entire universe of its users at the mercy of malicious actors.

Decentralization is synonymous with transparency

When talking about a centralized model, we must know that we share our data honestly for a specific purpose, such as registering users on a certain platform, or sharing certain private information to comply with a procedure. In this type of system, everything stored is in the hands of these companies and we do not know what really happens with it.

In a decentralized model such as the one proposed by CUDOS, the information is no longer stored in any «data center» owned exclusively by these large corporations, but on the contrary, all data is processed in a distributed manner under the computing model in the cloud with blockchain support. In this way, the treatment of information is much more transparent.

In the case of social networks, it would be very useful to be able to apply this type of approach to their platforms, since these companies have in their hands, directly or indirectly, the management of a large volume of information, including an endless number of sensitive private data, for which it is appropriate to apply technological tools that provide a higher level of security.


The problems observed in the processing of data by social networks under a centralized model include great security risks with respect to sensitive information of users. Through the decentralization provided by CUDOS distributed cloud computing, greater guarantees and transparency could be granted to the entire ecosystem, with unrivaled support such as blockchain technology can provide.

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