digital authorizations on the CUDOS network

IT Security: about digital authorization on the CUDOS network

Computer security is essential for the operation of websites and software in general. Today, our data is the new gold, and that is why it is necessary to arbitrate the ideal means, so that they are stored and handled safely. In this article we will analyze aspects related to this and how the CUDOS network implements digital authorizations.

Computer security on the web

Today, there are countless amounts of data that are managed online, that is why we must know what the mechanisms are to operate safely. From our data shared on social networks, to our credentials to handle banking matters, today it is a large amount of data that is stored digitally. That is why mechanisms concerning computer security are so necessary to ensure correct use and storage of information.

The issues related to computer security are not new, there have always been attackers and malicious programs since the invention of computers, but today, with the digital expansion, we use endless systems on the web, where high data traffic circulates, which can be captured by criminals. There has been a lot in recent times, the crime of identity theft, where an attacker appropriates our data, and then uses it at his mercy, it is for this reason that the precautions that we must take when sharing our personal data are of great importance.

With the arrival of blockchain technology, a greater layer of security is given to systems, since this type of networks are practically impossible to corrupt, but what happens is that cybercriminals have found ways to appropriate our data, such as for example through social engineering or phishing techniques, and in this way they manage to access the personal information of users who are victims and often with devastating consequences, so it is very important in the first instance, to make sure we never share our data sensitive.

Cloud security

With the increasing evolution of technology, we are seeing how the trend is towards storing data in the cloud. This is a logical question, if we analyze reality: the numbers of information that are stored are increasing and it would be impossible to have physical means for its protection due to a question of costs and capacity. That is why the CUDOS network model is so important, where a blockchain-based cloud system is proposed, having the security characteristics that this type of network presents for data processing and traffic.

In order to provide the necessary security, the CUDOS network has validator nodes, which are of major importance, even more so, in this premature stage of blockchain development, where it is necessary to articulate means to guarantee the correct treatment and protection of the data. These validator nodes are those that authorize transactions for security purposes, to prevent malicious use by malicious actors, applying an extra layer for a safe and efficient network development.

The means that are deployed to provide security to the network are very important, but so are the behaviors of users in this regard, who must also take precautions when operating, since according to current surveys, more education in cybersecurity is needed. If we take the current data, only 1⁄3 of the people who operate online use two-factor authentication, in addition, another large number uses insecure personal passwords, which helps cybercriminals have an easier path to cybercrime.

Implementation of digital authorizations in CUDOS

The CUDOS network is aware that it is necessary to increase security efforts given the increasing attacks on systems and websites around the world. In the first place, as we have already mentioned, user education in the matter is very important, since no matter how much the necessary security measures are developed, they would not be enough if people do not use them correctly. On the other hand, the network is implementing digital authorizations to reinforce both the network itself and the large number of Dapps that will use the platform.

Digital authorizations consist of extra measures when operating, issues that most users recognize, such as the use of biometric data, two-factor authentication and strong passwords. In this way, although all systems can be victims of attacks, it will be possible to provide greater security when operating, being able to have more guarantees to carry out transactions with applications on the CUDOS network. These topics are of primary importance given that the blockchain ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds.

When operating with decentralized applications, the correct use of digital authorizations is essential. In this way, users will be able to operate on the CUDOS network with greater protections, in a more comfortable way and with more guarantees of operability. The CUDOS development team is currently working to integrate digital authorizations with a single click, in order to improve the user experience, so that they will be able to operate with maximum peace of mind and security.


The means that must be articulated to provide correct computer security are increasing, and thus, as the advancement of technologies towards the use of data in the cloud, make it necessary to redouble efforts. The CUDOS network, aware of these issues, develops new implementations to guarantee the tranquility of users and developers, and it is with the application of digital authorizations that it is possible to apply a reinforcement to the complete security layer of the network.

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