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Image rendering for videogames in the CUDOS cloud and alliance with ULTRA

The rendering of images for video games is an issue that is of major importance from a technical point of view, since as technological advances occur that allow the improvement of graphics, greater computing capacity is also required for its representation on the screen, that is why CUDOS offers an impressive opportunity for this purpose and its alliance with the ULTRA video game platform is of necessity.

Image rendering for videogames

The rendering of images for video games is a topic that has occupied developers since the beginning of the industry, given that since the origins of the first video games, great computing capacity was already required to be able to make a graphic representation on the screen, which given the limitations of the time, they were achieved with great ingenuity by making figures that approximated an image with a little imagination.

As technological advances were produced, with evolutions in the development of hardware, it was possible that the technical capacities used allowed the graphic representation on screen of figures with greater graphic detail and an image quality much higher than that of the origins, where little by little the video game industry was making improvements in the visual section.

Over the years and technological evolution, companies began to carry out technical implementations in the graphic section that gave rise to a new revolution, mainly given by the emergence of 3d graphics and polygons, but as greater advances, an exorbitant amount of hardware is also required to render them, which is why CUDOS is a very interesting application option in this place through its blockchain.

CUDOS network for image rendering

As we discussed in previous lines, the rendering of images for video games currently involves a very large computing capacity, where it is necessary to obtain more and more powerful hardware. The CUDOS network offers a solution in this regard, through the computing capacity in the cloud, which allows that through the distribution of said capacity, rendering can be performed at a lower cost.

Hardware worldwide is not only increasingly expensive, but also entails greater damage to the environment by having to perform hardware replacements in shorter periods of time, which generates a large accumulation of computer garbage. so there is more pollution, at the same time that a significant amount of resources are wasted

Through the application of the CUDOS network for the rendering of video game images, we are not only seeing reduced costs in the acquisition of increasingly powerful hardware, but we are also seeing a great contribution to the environment by reducing the amount of informative pieces that are wasted, taking advantage of the underutilized computing power of the devices that contribute to the network, in a system where everyone benefits.

CUDO’s alliance with the ULTRA platform

CUDO has made a partnership with the blockchain-based video game platform ULTRA, which can be accessed through: to learn about everything it offers us. ULTRA is the first blockchain-based video games entertainment service platform that offers under the same roof the possibility to buy and play games, watch live broadcasts, participate in contests and tournaments, as well as multiple interactions.

Content purchased from ULTRA such as games or DLC are digital goods. Assets that are owned can be sold, exchanged or given away with total disposition of them. The ULTRA platform offers the possibility to developers, through its kit, to improve their products with unique characteristics that are provided by the capacity of blockchain technology.

ULTRA has chosen the CUDO platform as the core technology for its ultra miner application. The CUDO platform offers gamers the ability to securely share their additional compute capacity, allowing them to process a wide spectrum of workloads such as image rendering and artificial intelligence. CUDO performs the monitoring ensuring that revenues are maximized, which can be transformed to UOS and used on the platform to purchase games and virtual assets.


As we can see, the rendering of images for videogames is an issue that demands a great technical computing capacity, which can be solved by applying the CUDOS cloud through distribution through underused devices, being very successful the alliance that the CUDO platform has carried out with the ULTRA blockchain-based platform, through which the entire network capacity is used for services related to the world of video games, where both players and developers benefit, at the same time as contributes to the reduction in the environmental impact of hardware waste.

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