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Metaverse, video games and NFT: Cudos contributions to the development of these universes

We are very close to the launch of the Cudos mainnet, announced for 25/01/2022. In this article, we will take a tour of how this network can contribute to the development of video games, the metaverse and NFTs, thanks to its contributions in computing capacity with blockchain support.

Metaverse development

Lately, different projects are underway that have to do with the metaverse, which have interesting characteristics. The issue of decentralization is very important in the face of this type of development, since this quality gives greater transparency to the procedures. The Cudos network has extensive benefits to collaborate in the expansion of this type of initiatives, providing the necessary computing capacity with blockchain support.

Although it is something very new, it is a field that can be very well used for content gamification, that is, introducing elements in these virtual spaces in order for there to be interaction between users. In this scenario, a great technical capacity is required to carry out computational processes, with Cudos being an ideal network to meet these objectives.

Currently, the Cudos network has carried out a series of associations with projects in this regard in order to work together. There is still much to see, but surely this type of environment has followers that will increase over time, this is where it is very important to have a network that provides scalable computing capacity. Cudos presents an efficient model to take distributed cloud computing to a new level.

The future of cloud gaming

We know that video games evolve both in technical requirements and in playability over the years. Currently, gamers demand greater interaction within their favorite games, this is where new infrastructures are needed that can provide innovative solutions. The Cudos network has the characteristics necessary to meet these objectives.

These types of gaming-related platforms are likely to grow considerably in the near future. Distributed computing in the cloud represents an added value without equal, in order to provide this type of initiative with a more than necessary tool. A video game needs several issues to take into account in order to function efficiently, something that Cudos can cover in all directions.

The Cudos network has benefits to cover several edges with respect to the universe of video games. On the one hand, we have the possibility of granting computing capacity in a scalable and decentralized way, which is essential for massive projects. On the other hand, we also have the capacity of this network to generate the rendering of images, something very necessary for games in the cloud.

The NFT boom

In recent times an expansion has been observed in terms of the NFT universe. Originally this type of tokens were used, in the first instance, to generate digital art. Through the tokenization of an artistic creation, an exchange between people is allowed, which, on the one hand, is used for collectible purposes, and on the other, gives the possibility of obtaining a greater revenue in the future when the value of this asset increases.

At present, these types of non-fungible tokens (NFT) are having an application beyond those imagined. One use that is booming is to tokenize elements for video games or for interactive purposes within them. In this way, those users of a certain game can obtain tokens to give them a real use, which allows a wider range to be provided for future developments.

Undoubtedly, with the creation of the different environments related to the metaverse, this type of tokens will have a much greater use in the future. It is here where the idea of ​​tokenizing elements from the real world to bring them to the virtual one, takes on main importance. There are also several developments in progress that have to do with games for these new environments, with NFTs being a fundamental piece in these projects.


The Cudos mainnet launch will use the platform for incredible developments. The projects related to the metaverse will bring to the world a new way of interacting between people in a virtual place, the Cudos network being an ideal option to efficiently provide technical capacity to these initiatives. On the other hand, the video game industry is evolving towards a new era, and together with the incorporation of NFTs to tokenize elements, they will provide greater possibilities to users.

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