cudos nueva era informatica

Cudos: the gateway to a new era of computing

Cudos is building the infrastructure needed to take cloud computing to a new level. Together with the partnerships that are being achieved in recent times, the blockchain is providing the gateway to a new era in computing.

Cutting edge digital evolution

Cudos is a one-of-a-kind blockchain network as it lays out a blueprint to bring cloud computing into a new era, allowing amazing projects to be deployed on the platform. This blockchain has the necessary characteristics to generate developments related to the metaverse and video games efficiently.

Cloud computing will soon be the standard for computing, since the high requirements will lead to physical hardware becoming outdated very quickly. Cudos in its model proposes to use the underutilized computing capacity in user devices to meet the computing needs that can be provided as a service. In this way, a benefit is obtained and resources are optimized.

The world of video games and entertainment platforms are already making use of similar but centralized services today. Cudos will allow entering a new stage of decentralization. This brings with it multiple advantages, including security and privacy. In addition, the costs for all parties involved are drastically reduced.

Benefits that Cudos provides as a platform

Cudos offers great advantages for developers, since we are dealing with a complete launch pad. In this way, projects can be deployed with the necessary security and performance guarantees for proper operation. On the other hand, it is essential that decentralization is present in the applications, because in this way users can be really sure about what happens with their data at all times.

The Cudos blockchain has the support of important providers in the industry, among them we can name AMD. Having this type of association allows great developments in areas such as the video game industry, allowing the inclusion of new functionalities and streamlining procedures. Thanks to this, we can see a fusion between traditional development and blockchain, which is giving rise to a new paradigm.

Cudos presents the necessary infrastructure to allow the evolution of areas such as image rendering, computing capacity, computing at scale, among other possibilities. This generates a joint evolution of all development areas, allowing applications to be created and exploiting each of the technical edges. Last but not least, it is necessary to mention as benefits the bridges that this blockchain is generating with other blockchain networks, such as Algorand, Polkadot and Cosmos.

A new computer age

Since the beginning of computing there have been advances in technologies that allow generating an evolution in the development of solutions. The Internet was the last great advance for humanity, since it allows global interconnection. Over time, the true meaning with which this incredible global network was created was lost, as it became centralized and users lost control. Thanks to blockchain networks, these concepts have been taken up again, proposing decentralization and control by the user as the central axis of technology.

With the emergence of Bitcoin, the first functional blockchain network was generated, using the existing foundations for this conception, which was quite a milestone. Over time, it was verified that there were problems with this protocol, which prevented its adoption for more specific purposes, giving rise to second-generation blockchains. Then, third generation networks were given way and this is where the birth of Cudos is located, proposing its model to take distributed computing in the cloud to scalable levels.

Currently Cudos is making it possible to open the way to a new era in the history of computing, combining existing concepts with this new technology with blockchain support. In this way, after its adjustments in the test network, the main network will be launched soon. Once its Mainnet is established, developers from all over the world will be able to start deploying their projects on the platform, taking advantage of all its benefits and taking their applications to the world in a decentralized manner.


From the emergence of computing to the present day, many advances have occurred, but the goal has always been to bring to the world a technology that provides benefits to humanity. The emergence of the internet was a great milestone for the planet, which over time, lost its true goal regarding decentralization. Thanks to the emergence of blockchain networks, these concepts have been taken up again, and their evolution allowed new generation networks such as Cudos, opening the door to a new era in computing.

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