CUDOS Roadmap Update 2021

CUDOS: Roadmap Update and Progress

Since the launch of the CUDOS network, the objectives to follow have been established in order to consolidate the values ​​of distributed computing capacity in the cloud with the unique characteristics that the Blockchain can offer us. Throughout this article we will review the objectives achieved and what is to come.

CUDOS main objectives

The CUDOS network has managed to establish itself as an ideal Blockchain to carry out distributed computing in the cloud efficiently. Its design, carefully achieved since its launch, has made it possible to realize the promise of a true blockchain that allows the distribution of computational capacity, in order to carry out the development of a large number of projects that require higher levels of computation with reduction of operating costs, better utilization of underutilized resources.

The CUDOS private testnet was recently launched, and its public version is expected to be released shortly, which is allowing and will enable a significant number of developers to access computing capabilities in the cloud, in this way, adjusting the necessary issues for an endless number of projects that could soon see the light of day.

On the other hand, the next step in this regard is the launch of the main network, MainNet, which is expected to be available over the months, according to the experience obtained in this testing phase on the TestNet. This will be a more than important milestone, since from that moment on, the deployment of real projects based on Blockchain is possible, and will contribute to the integral development of the ecosystem.

Milestones achieved so far

Taking into account the short term in which the network has developed so far, it is really interesting to highlight the essential steps that have been achieved. It should be noted that during the first quarter of 2021, 250,000 registered users have been reached, currently reaching more than 350,000, a number that is not less, taking into account that its main network is not yet operational, therefore, it is a question that highlights the enormous potential of this Blockchain.

In addition, during the beginning of this year, the 50,000 active nodes of the network distributed throughout the world have been reached, which are contributing to form the foundation stones for the conformation of the general infrastructure. Also in this same period, the first 30 registered validators have been obtained, who play a fundamental role for security in terms of transactions, taking into account the premature stage of expansion in which the Blockchain is located.

During the second quarter of this year, more than interesting objectives were achieved that continue to confirm the growth of CUDOS. As we have already mentioned, it was in this period that the private test network (TestNet) was launched, being enabled in this first phase for a limited number of main developers, in order to make the necessary security adjustments, to enable the public and open version for testing as soon as possible.

Goals achieved in the short term and what is to come

During the last quarter, very important goals have been reached. To begin with, CUDOS has been awarded as «carbon neutral» that is to say that due to its execution model, it does not produce polluting gases, positioning itself as an environmentally friendly network. On the other hand, there have been multiple integrations with wallets, an issue that will allow the use of its “CUDOS” currency within a range of wallets.

In the short term, the block explorer for the network will be launched, as well as support for non-fungible tokens (NFT), all this announced before the end of the second quarter of this year. All these advances demonstrate the robust structure that CUDOS offers, but if all this is amazing, now we will tell you what to expect from the third quarter of 2021.

The third quarter will pass with the inclusion in the network of the bridge to interact with Ethereum and Cosmos, a great step for blockchain interoperability. It is also being planned for that period to launch a proposal for community governance that includes users as protagonists of decisions. As if this were not enough, within other relevant topics, the grant program will be launched, which will provide grants to developers who decide to participate, as well as the CUDOS SDK will be released. It will be in these months where, according to the announcements, we will see the first version of the MainNet.

For the fourth quarter of the year, the network also has big surprises for us. The bridge with the Algorand Blockchain will be launched in the middle of this period, which will allow endless interactions for the deployment of projects. In addition, as the months go by, we will see the migration of native tokens from ERC-20 to Cudos begin. At the end of the year, we will witness very interesting launches such as the first versions of «Data Oracle» and «Compute Oracle», without a doubt, issues that will allow the definitive expansion of the entire ecosystem.

Updated roadmap for 2021

First quarter 2021

  • CUDOS ERC-20 token live
  • Token listing
  • Staking in exchanges
  • Integration of ALGO in Cudo applications
  • 250,000 registered users in Cudo
  • 50,000 active nodes in 145 countries on Cudo Network
  • The first 30 validators registered with Cudos Network

Second quarter 2021

  • Cudos private testnet – «Cognitum»
  • 350,000 registered users in Cudo
  • Cudos First Testnet Validators Live
  • Carbon neutral blockchain
  • Blockchain Explorer and Validator
  • Wallet integrations
  • NFT support

Third quarter of 2021

  • Cudos On-chain Staking
  • Incentive public testnet of Cudos – «Somniorum»
  • Payments in $Cudos to all Cudo / Cudominer users
  • Ethereum Bridge and Cosmos IBC Bridge
  • Turing Complete Smart Contract, initially supported by Rust
  • Community governance proposals
  • Hardware encryption support
  • Testnet support for computing workloads
  • Launch of the Cudos scholarship program
  • Launch of the 1st Cudos Hackathon
  • Cudos Mainnet V1 with BFT Consensus – “Ingenii”
  • Cudos SDK

Fourth quarter of 2021

  • Migration of native tokens from ERC-20 to Cudos begins
  • Cudos Mainnet V2 (Scalable Computing)
  • Algorand Bridge
  • Polkadot Bridge
  • Data Oracle V1
  • V1 Compute Oracle
  • Launch of the 2nd Cudos Hackathon


We are witnessing great milestones reached by CUDOS, but without a doubt, what is coming in the next months is more than exciting. We will soon be able to see launches such as the main network, where countless projects will be deployed, as well as the realization of its bridges with blockchains such as Etherum and Algorand, where the power of its smart contracts can undoubtedly be combined with the CUDOS distributed computing capacity. We look forward to meeting these goals that succeed in establishing a truly efficient and decentralized network infrastructure.

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