Public Testnet. Project Artemis

CUDOS public testnet: the beginning of it all

Soon the public test network will be enabled to carry out tests about CUDOS. This will provide the possibility of testing projects, as well as the entire network, being the beginning of a great path for the blockchain universe.

Possibility of deploying projects

The fact that the test network is publicly enabled will give interested developers the possibility to test their projects on the CUDOS network, in addition they will have the power to verify the efficiency of the infrastructure, in order to report if a problem is detected and that it can be corrected by the team in charge of the network.

This question is very exciting, since from the start of the public testnet, we can actually see a large number of projects running on CUDOS making use of all its features and benefits, in order to make the necessary adjustments, so that these projects are ready and can be launched to the world with the deployment of the Mainnet.

The public test network will be the ideal framework to carry out all the necessary adjustments in the projects, as well as to be able to explore all the possibilities that the CUDOS network offers, and see how they can interact with the different applications that developers from all over the world have been creating, and from these next few weeks, they will be able to execute reliably on the testnet.

Importance of blockchain test networks

Blockchain test networks are really important, since they offer the possibility of test projects, and in this way, make all the necessary adjustments before being launched on the main network, in addition to being able to detect all vulnerabilities and failures security, in order to be corrected at the right time and to be able to deploy the final projects with all the necessary guarantees.

This contributes to providing an extra security framework in the blockchain universe, since this issue is of utmost importance for the efficient development of products with accurate guarantees. Every product to be launched on the blockchain must be safe, which is why the test network must also be safe, in this regard, the CUDOS team has been working hard.

As a result of these security issues, the CUDOS testnet is currently operating privately until the upcoming release of its public version, this has given the selected developers and the network team the possibility to carry out all the essential tests necessary to correct critical security flaws, which can also be reported if they are detected in the public phase of the launch.

Launch of the incentivized testnet

In order to create a robust test network, which will then pave the way for the launch of the main network (Mainnet), CUDOS is launching the “Artemis Project”, through which incentives will be given to the community to present projects on the network, as well as detecting security flaws. In this way, a community control can be carried out in order to strengthen the general infrastructure.

This gives the community in general, and interested developers, the possibility to participate actively on the foundations for this revolutionary technology, also rewarding them for these tasks, which contribute to prop up the entire infrastructure, in order to improve the details that could not be noticed in the private testing phase.

In this way, the trust that CUDOS places in the community is demonstrated, with the aim that they can participate actively in this crucial stage of testing, and thus manage to conceive a quality public testnet, which serves as the basis for the general security of the main network, which is very close to seeing the light and it is of main importance to see what will happen in the next few times, which will hold a promising future in this blockchain.


We have been waiting for a long time for this crucial moment in the development of CUDOS, as the launch of the public testnet represents a significant link in the history of the entire blockchain. From its launch, developers will have the possibility to test their projects on the network, and also detect any type of failures that serve to make corrections before launching the main network, which we believe will happen in a very short time.

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