CUDOS Test Smart Contracts

CUDOS launches the second phase of its Testnet making it possible to test smart contracts

The second phase has just been launched in reference to the Testnet (test network), which is called Buzz, and with it the foundations for the formation of the CUDOS ecosystem are beginning to be laid. Thanks to these new implementations, developers will be able to test relevant topics, such as the application of smart contracts.

Release details

The first phase of the Testnet having been successful, CUDOS is now launching this new stage, which is of utmost importance for the conformation of the ecosystem. With this release, developers will be able to begin testing issues of utmost importance for application development, one of the most relevant topics being the possibility of starting to experiment with smart contracts.

This will give the opportunity to test projects that require this type of elements to be able to visualize them in reality, and analyze how these types of applications are executed for all those developments that can make use of them. With this, the door is opened to be able to start building on the CUDOS infrastructure all those issues that can be nurtured in the testing phase.

In this way, we are facing a milestone for the CUDOS network, since smart contracts are a fundamental piece in the development and deployment of Dapps, which require a meticulous testing procedure in order to correct all those necessary issues in a controlled blockchain environment. The objective of this phase is to work out the details to obtain a final version that can be released in the future on the main network. 

What are smart contracts?

To understand a little more in depth the importance of this new release with respect to phase 2 of the Testnet, we will see below what smart contracts are and why they are essential for application development. We are facing a necessary piece to be able to execute the agreements between parties, in a way guaranteed by all the blockchain security support.

In general terms, a smart contract is an element that allows us to facilitate, guarantee and execute agreements between two or more parties, issues that are of primary importance when developing Dapps (decentralized applications). With them we can register transactions within the blockchain, which can be of a different nature according to the project in which they are to be implemented.

One of the most outstanding points of smart contracts that work on blockchain networks is that they work automatically without any intervention between the parties. In this way, before the fulfillment of a certain provision, its corresponding consideration is executed, on the contrary, it will not be executed if something is not fulfilled, this operation being registered and guaranteed by the blockchain. 

Importance for the formation of a strong community

This new release is very important for the CUDOS community, given that thanks to this new implementation the ecosystem will continue to grow, making it increasingly possible to incorporate new projects that can make use of the model related to distributed computing in the cloud. Thus, you can begin to see incredible deployments on the testnet, with a view to their final launches on the mainnet in the near future. 

Another important point for the entire community regarding this new launch is that participants will be able to test the integration of “Gravity Bridge”, which will allow moving assets between the CUDOS network and Ethereum (Rinkeby). This impressive bridge will establish a connection between both networks, enabling the movement of tokens.

Currently, the potential of CUDOS is enormous, which is why these types of launches are very promising for the development of the entire community, allowing us to begin to see the deployment of important projects. Although they are still in the testing phase, it makes it possible to have a more accurate vision of what they will become in the near future with the relevant launch of the main network (Mainnet), which is expected to see the light soon once all settings on the Testnet have been completed


We are very excited about the launch of this second phase corresponding to the CUDOS Testnet, since thanks to it, developers will be able to start experimenting and testing with smart contracts. In addition, the possibility of testing the “Gravity Bridge” is very good news, which allows connecting the CUDOS network with Ethereum. This issue holds great promise for laying the groundwork for building a strong ecosystem and community.

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